Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me and my sudden homesick.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

i dont know if the gmbr brkait, but this is an old pic of theirs :) buat sy syum,

So today is such a weird day when I feel like going home, (actually it’s since yesterday).
And the most important fact is, I don’t know why.
I don’t really miss my mother. I’ve used to live in hostel when I was in form 1 until form 3.

It’s not that I don’t even think of my parents, what I really want to say is, I wanna go home. That was my purpose, and now, here I am, in the house, done doing AddMaths and going on with BM. Next will be Biology.

I think, one of the reasons of coming home is because of my feelings towards my UP2 results. I mean, it’s not that bad, but yes it is for the fact that SPM is just two to three months away from now, YES it is NOT that good. I made a target for this UP2 not to score any other grades than A or B.

And from 7 subjects I got up till now, I made myself down for having 2 C and 1 D. (based on SPM grades). Those are Biology, Arabic and Physics. Uhh, it’s UP2 and I can’t even get a better result?

I’m not blaming anyone except myself here, and yes, for the first time in my life, I cried for my result :’(

I made a specific target on Lughatul Jannah to get at least, A-! I was confident that i could answer the paper well. But the comeout is not a satisfactory one. And i’m kinda miserable here. Yes, Mel had also increased in his results. I made him as my competitor in silent actually. So i envy him for his results -.-‘
I don’t know what more to say. Mom asked if I had increased my effort. I felt like i did. But then, to think twice, hell no -,-‘ I might had done more than before, but it was still not enough.

Yes, i’m still comforting myself on ways to correct my intention on studying. For Him. My only Him, Allah :’) betulkan niat, Far!

p/s : thanks, BESTFRIEND, NED for your concern :’)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bersahabatlah kerana Allah.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I'm doing good. Busy, err kinda.

This week, hmmm masalah ukhuwah melanda.
I feel bad.
Kadang-kadang terfikir pulak, do we had a great feeling in being friends for fun?
For study matter?
or for the right one, Allah?

Bila dilanda ujian, masing-masing menangis. 
Kadang-kadang terfikir jugak, kenapa Allah nak bagi ujian dalam suasana genting sekarang ni?
Dalam tengah getir nak pulun for SPM?
And yes, He knows best.
Dia tak bagi ujian macam ni kalau Dia tau all of us can't go for it.

Alhamdulillah, from five cases, 2 of them strikes for goals 100%.
Dah baik. Sedih woah bila gaduh.
For one of the case, which is mine, I think I was given a penalty.
At last she spoke to me. For some cases, though it wasn't like the old we,
alhamdulillah. Better than tak cakap langsung.
Lagipun, beggars can't be picky right? :')
So three from the five cases is done. 

Berkat kesabaran and kepositifan. Haha, my language is bad. Mianhe.

And for the cases yang belum?
These are some of the tips.
PLEASE, do NOT blame each other. Kita sama ja. 
Sama kasaq sama kahaq sama degey, sama buaih sama-sama ada ego, semua ada perangai buruk vs baik, but this time, lempaq tepi ah semua tu.
Banyak lagi benda kita nak fikir dari kena fikir masalah macam ni.
Always remember that mengalah tak semestinya kalah. We grow up, we got matured kan? 

Please bermaaf-maafan.
And yes, ingat lepas solat jemaah, kiss cheeks and say what we are supposed to say, look into our friends eyes, " Uhibbuki fillah".

Ikhlaskan hati. Sampai bila kita nak macam ni? Masing-masing dah besar. Kena tau tujuan persahabatan kita.

Yes, I do, LOVE you all. 
Uhibbukunna fillah :')

And yea, this one is a good post from Safina's blog : Friendship, baru jek update time aku dok tengah menaip nih. do visit :P
Ukhuwah bukan terletak pada indahnya pertemuan, bukan terletak pada manisnya ucapan di bibir, tapi pada ingatan doa seorang hamba kepada saudaranya dalam doanya :')


Farzana Rosley :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Agama dan Politik di Malaysia.

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Hari ni aku ada terjumpak satu blog.
She speaks naturally to her heart, not mind.
And I wonder what made her.
All her post for politics are soooo baseless.
I am mad. Tapi sabar. 
And yes,
Aku masih bawah umur untuk bersuara.
But trust me, 
for Islam, for my agama, I will not fight,
but I will speak truth.
Dekat sekolah aku pun, ramai dah mula semangat politik.
Some may say, "I hate politics"
But if it's not us to know, and to fight for our agama, who will?
And I felt kinda weird when we learnt agama deeply in school, but still cannot make the right choice. 
WHY? Faktor keturunan? Hmmm, that's their choice. I can't do anything.
Betul la. I have to agree, hati manusia, Allah yang pegang :')
And I have to agree too that there's no PERFECT POLITIC PARTY in the world. 
Tapi, ugh. ok stop. aku takut over the limit.

May I'm blessed and live well to the age of 22.
Tangan aku dah gatal nak menaip pasal politik.
Fight for agama Allah!


p/s : i love green :) and white too.


Happy 17th Years Old Farzana Rosley!

Assalamualaikum wbt :)
amma ba'du fainni usiika bitaqwallah.

How are you guys doing? Heeee, Alhamdulillah, I'm doing good in the age of 17. And yes, masih dok menekankan kesedaran diri pasal errr, nak SPM taun ni.
Hmm, tahun ni memang sesungguhnya aku nak tulis list macam tahun lepas. remember? 11 Julai 2010 :P

Namun begitu, akan tetapi, walau bagaimanapun, aku agak busy untuk menyalin. 
Last year is different. Masa tu cuti. And aku berulang, So I felt free to do that.
This year, I will inshaAllah kalau umur panjang. BUT not now. YET.

However, I really DO CARE and APPRECIATE those who wished me!
Syukran jazilan 'alaikum jami'an.
Thank you so much!
Terima kasih banyak-banyak!
Gamsa hamnida chinguuu!
Arigatou gozaimasu!

Thanks kerana mendoakan aku. And yea, my birthday wishes are :
1. Be a better Muslimah inshaAllah aminnnn
2. Nak jadi kaya, errr haha nak simpan duit banyakbanyak for a good future

most of all, kalau hampa boleh bagi aku iPhone4 sejibik aku dah cukup bersyukur dah, haha.
Love you all, and yes, please aminnkan wishes aku especially the first one. 

Thank You Allah atas jasad yang Kau pinjamkan ini. Semoga nafas yang terus berhembus ini sentiasa dalam rahmat dan redha-Mu, AMIN :')

Farzana Rosley