Friday, December 14, 2012


this was when we watch the match at mamak in Kuantan - Msia vs Thai 1-1

I once happened to read a post on FB, from a page I have liked. It says B-O-L-A means -> Buat Orang Lupa Allah. Absolutely, the post got like most comments saying how stupid the admin defines ‘Bola’ as.

Last time, I went to watch a match between Malaysia and Indonesia for AFF Suzuki Cup in Stadium Bukit Jalil. Since I was on my way back to Kuantan, I can pray jama’ at that time.
So the game started after maghrib. But if we want to get the closer seats to see the game, we must enter the stadium earlier. So we did.

And what touched me most was seeing many people praying in front of the stadium – using Jalur Gemilang, the Nation’s flag as their sejadah. You know how touched was the suasana? Does BOLA really makes you lupa Allah? NOOOOO. And tbh, during the game, all I did was praying – wishing to Him to give us a win!

And with the winning of 2-0 goals was the greatest feeling at that moment cuz our opponent was Indo. Yknow, they’re our eternal rival in football~ besides, I cant bear seeing how rude their supporters tho. They threw bottles and all. Aghhh. (only during footballs. no racism issue aaaaa)

part of camwhore. selamanyaaaaa selamanyaaaa rimau malayaaa
And recently, the match between Msia and Thai disappoint me. Because of the stupid ref ( we all said he is paid. CORRUPTION!!) cuz it was so obvious how he was being unfair towards Malaysia. Even Fazli Sahs got red card!! Eghhhh. And poor our Mat Yo was surrounded everytime he kicks the ball.

I think what happened was absolutely unfair. (tho it happened right…..) -.- but yeah, bukan rezeki lettew. Nak buat legumana.
I hope Thai will lose to Singapore muehehehe. *sorry Nunaaaa :3

So that……… what I want to rent as Harimau Malaya supporter. InshaAllah, we wont forget our God in whatever condition we’re in. so , please NO typical Malaysian… stop being judgemental. sesuka suki ja. Bleghhh -.-

#SelamanyaHarimauMalaya :’)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seoul Garden :)

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone!! (if ada reader - as usual...........~ haha)

Okay. First and foremost, I would like to wish my little brother a very happy belated birthday. And on his birthday, we went to Seoul Garden in Auto City, Penang :3 I feel so awesome somehow sebab because of him, I pun dibelanja kan kan kan hahaha.

*picture speaks a thousand words haha. rainbow cake :3 I wrote the hangul bad handwriting -.- Haha

After we bake the cake, then we gerak to Seoul Garden :) 
What's good about Seoul Garden is, when we go there, we have to pay for a fixed price and just take whatever food you wanna eat!! And for school and Uni students, make sure to bring your student cards! *I did, so I got like some discount but yeah it's sooooo goood la yknow it saves like much amount jugak ah :)

I dont know what to say more. I would like to share the pictures better. And what's best, I feel like I was in Korea for real! I remember every scene I watched when the Korean are eating and what's more important, I'm so impressed with my chopstick skill haha. 

Well, I should have been born as a Korean right? *a Korean Muslim I mean hehehe :P 

Seoul Garden~~~

along. and yeah obviously it's me :) with my good chopstick skill, BBQ-ing the meat :3 *I though of most RM scenes. especially HaHa oppa hehehe.

this is sooooo out of topic, but yeah, my #ootd :)

Steamboat pun adaaaaa. Ate em a LOT. Like seriously, too much hahaha.
There you go! Dim sum and dim sum and pau and yeahhh Idk the names hahaha

Running Man most favourite game - try not to drool watching the meat being BBQ-ed. Hahaha :3 So yummy!!! :)

There as you can see :) the Kimchi. What Korean loves to eat most. *it tastes a LOT more better from the Kimchi I made previously -.- hehehe
Enough sharing the pics. You guys must have drooled much hehe :P And yeah, I end the pictures with the picture below. Of all places! I met them :) My niece and nephew, my cousins' kids :) Nazeeha and Naufal. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Football or SPM?

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

First and foremost, this post isnt about a wish to SPM candidates or whatsoever.*awal lagi nak wish hampa haha This isnt a post about the latest match yang Kelantan menang tadi tuu hehe . This post is about the memory. The 0711 :) What did we do when we had to choose between football or SPM? *to be exact, Football or SPM Paper Add Math? Haha :)

Here, I'll narrate to you, on how most 1994s aka 0711 survived :) * sorry Im bad at narrating. hehe

During our SPM weeks (around a month - especially to students yang ambil Arabic and paper LK), ada banyak benda yang memang erghhhhh asdfghjkl kenapa fuuuu sangat nak buat time our SPM weeks?

First event was - Football match between Malaysia and Indoooo.

Nak dijadikan cerita, (drop the Englishhh hahaha rojak is better :3 ) Allah memang tolong gila ah kami para 1994s. Dia bagi kami chance tengok bola hehehe :)

Irshadian 0711 :) *selingan gambar. not all of us are Hostelites but we keep the ukhuwwah well^^

But malam tu ada kelas Add Math. It wasnt really a class, but yknow, Sir kesayangan buat jugak kelas if we had anything to ask him masa tuu. But most of us ( Aspuri ) tak pergi. Aspura toksah cakap ah, sebelah lubang hidung pun belum tentu nak muncul hahaha :)

We were so lucky that the night of the match wasnt the night before the paper! (Faham tak? ) Ceni laa. Contoh dia camni, Paper Syariah Mondayyy. Malam tu ada match. Selasa cuti cuz of cuti umum apa tah :/ Rabu was AddMath! Hahaha nampak tak kat situ? The match was so important sebab it was between Malaysia and Indo? You understand well ahhhh hehe :)

I remember it most sebab apa eh? Maybe sebab kenangan? And I think even SBP students pun buat cenggituuu hehe :) Kenangan menjerit reramai lupa diri macam dah habis paper -.- Kenangan menggila sebab Badrol score jugak Penalty even bola tu slow-mo ja masuk. 

Masa tu aku ingat jugak, sambil rancak menonton, sambil rancak texting ngan Silau hahaha. Masa tu kalut maki sapa eh? Bonai? Yeahhh I remember! Bonai!!! Hahaha the player kekeke :P

So............that was it. ( What an ending I made -.-) 

Like le second event - Tapi ada gak event yang He didnt allow us to watch. Macam MAMA concert!! The next day paper Bio! -..- Hahahaha budak account memang berjimba ah malam tuuu. Hangin jugak la kan hehe :P But yeah, again I say, great day.

Masa Suju and SNSD perform, terus meluru lari pi bilik warden nak tengok dari tingkap haha.

Still, Bio B. Hahaha okay la tu. And AddMath, jangan cakap ah C+ lagi. Hehehe. Masa football match tu Iejat ada call. Then aku ckp tengah tengok bola, tapi dia dok cakap Paper Add Math padahal esok tu cuti. Tapi tula kann. Dia stret As, aku.... hehehehehe :3 

Ok lah. Setakat tu ja kenangan aku sebagai 1994s in school - part of 0711! :) *great experience Ive been through^^

P/s : Congrats Kelateeeee :) Gomo Kelate gomo! :)

FareyFar :))

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baitullah ; An Invitation - Rumah Prof. Kamil.

Assalamualaikum wbt.
It's been a while since I updated on my story about my experience when I was in Baitullah. *thousand apology :(

When I last wrote about Madinah, I said the next post about Baitullah will be about my experience in Mecca pulak. But yknow. Im not that busy tapi bajet mcm PM, so I didn't update.

Of all parts of Madinah, I actually forgot to tell you people that we went to Prof Kamil's house. Kenal tak? He's the author of Travelog Haji - Mengubah Sempadan Iman.

OK. From what I remember, we went to his house riding his car. *it's what he always does to all his guests. Syukran jazilan, PROF! :)

Before kami dijamu makanan yang enak + baklava made by Pn. Roza, (Prof's wife), we had a chat with his son. And then, he began his tazkirah.

Hmmm since it was few months back then I cant really remember -.- but the one that I remember the most was him telling us about Puasa Nabi Daud, which is to Puasa selang seli. I like that one. *boleh apply utk diet ehehe. (pebetul niat! -.-)

10 of us with Prof Kamil and Puan Roza :) *ruang tamu org Arab^^
SO, tu ah yang plg ingat. Ada ja lagi. Tp pjg sgt nk taip haha. :3
*rumah org Arab unik oh. They'll have two living rooms - one for Muslims and one for Muslimat
Tapi when I went to rumah my mak sedara pun she uses it as how we use it la. Gabung je tho ada dua ruang tamu.

I miss Mekah woah. Sekarang musim haji kannn.

:) Till I write again.

Nah link related before :)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A post before final.

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

Been so quiet all these while. Well actually I quiet on my blog je. Hahaha malas nak update -.- Final is coming in less than five days. And what am I doing? Blogging instead of studying? Takdak ah. Im rewarding myself. 

Sebenarnya before this I tried for timessss to open my blog. I can open my dashboard tapi pelik tak boleh bukak entry post. Bila dah nak dekat final ni boleh pulok >.< Perangai betui blog ni. Hahaha

Being a TESLian is sth that I yearned for. I guess. Bila Im here, I feel so great. having great and open-minded friends around me, I feel blessed. 

When final is approaching, there's one thing I feel sad of. A bit. Towards my fellow classmates. I love 'em so much. I enjoy it every second Im with em when Im in my class. But yeah, that side of me when Im in the class, they see it differently. Even I wonder whyyy. Hahaha. 

I just feel a bit disappointed. With my own self. Why do I never tried to be the same old me as how I was back during my school days. I wasnt that great but yeah I do admit that I was pretty bright. Well dont get misunderstood. That bright side that I mean is being so cheerful - get known by almost everyone in the school but still, being ME :)

However, here. I didnt get the chance. Of course, I have no one to blame. But yeahhh. It's me. Im not being fake of course. But just a little less of that positive cheerful side of me. I never get the chance to show that to my fellow classmates.

Therefore, I dont know why I end up writing this. But yeah, I love you people of TESL D :')
You guys are so sweet. I feel great. We're siblings. A family I guess. With existance of Papa Hakim and Mama Batmann? Lulz :)

I like it that way. I wish to be in the same class with most of us again. 

my fellow-beloved-awesome-cool CLASSMATES ever! :*

That's it. Hahaha. All the best TESLians of UiTM Kuantan! ILY peeps :D Especially TESL D :*
And yeah, dear Lawriens too.



Monday, September 3, 2012

...Peredah Awan Biru

Assalamualaikum and a very annyeonghaseyo to my friends and readers :)

The title is jiwang kata Nana. But yeah, I wanted to make it that way. Biar lah jiwang pun. Haha. Once in a lifetime? :p

Firstly, I want to say that this post is specially dedicated to my friends who're gonna fly to bumi para anbiya'. Since diorang nak terbang ke Mesir and Jordan, I have nothing to give but a piece of love in this post.
*cheesy kata Min. Hahaha :p

Yes. I have no idea at all. It's midnight. Just done with my college writing assignment. Padahal esok pagi ada Malaysian Studies. *ok lari tajuk!

Le friends who'll fly to Jordan too. InshaAllah esok :') :* 

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. To my dear bffs who're going to fly,
I wish all the best to all of you. :) 

Dear Malin, Syaza, Zuk, Peah and Iejat.
Belajar kerana Allah. And memandangkan hampa nak fly ke Jordan and Mesir, inshaaAllah takda la culture shock in extreme kot. Perhaps berubah to better so that all of you can bring us there too :)
May Allah bless all of you. What ever happens, must remember you have your family and surely, Me - and US, your friends behind you :) Especially, you must have noticed that Allah is always there for us right.
May we all succeed inshaAllah. 
Be it in the country or oversea.

this is me and Safiah ♥ she'll fly to Jordan InshaAllah.

So that ends my speech? Hihi
Yeah Im very sorry that I prepared nothing to give so that hampa boleh la nak bawak pi sana nanti. Sorry sesangat T__T

Me - Iejat and Ash. (iejat nk fly so he came to my house for a  visit  this eid :') 

However, yes. I do. Love you girls. and a guy(iejat)
*title dah awesome dah sweetnya. post tak sweet langsung. Sorry. :(

But here. A song that I dont want you to forget. The lyrics especially :')

Seiring Sehaluan by UNIC :')

Kita laungkan Allahuakhbar Allah Maha Besar,

Seiring sehaluan satu cita dan impian,

Susah dan senang kita tempuhi bersama,
Bertemu berpisah kerana Allah.

Demi satu kejayaan,penuh pengorbanan,
Keazaman juga ketabahan,
Inilah kehidupan, menuntut kesungguhan,
Tak semudah indahnya khayalan.

Silaturrahim ini tak akan terpisah,
Berbahagia untuk selamanya insyaAllah.

Lots of love, 



Friday, August 24, 2012

Dakwah itu sweet ;)

Well the picture I shown is a small letter. From a friend of mine ; Ummul Hadhirah :) I used to call her ‘mom’. I didn’t really remember the way we started calling each other w/ that kind of call. But yeah, it was fun.

Ummul is a fun – easy-going friend. However, she’s someone  that is perfectly covered. *her aurat I mean :p While my friends and I, weren’t really full-covered. But yeah of course we tried, slowly. :)

My friends and I were extremely ‘gang-ly gangster’ I guess. *I don’t even know if that term exists. But yeah. We were hard to approach. Dakwah is a big task for someone towards us. How on earth should they handle us? So, some just kept distance from us.

Different with Ummul ( whom I called ‘bonda’-mom, while the other girls called her ‘tok’). She approached us coolly. With the letter above that I had shown you. Together with the letter, she gave us 9 pairs of socks (from SAWKS world OK?! I don’t think they’re that cheap.)

She said, *translated to English. “ I heard that my beautiful daughter and granddaughters are going to KL at the end of this year? I hope that all of you will wear these socks I gave you. Since you girls are all beautiful. I don’t want your beauty are simply shown to all guys. Let the beauty remains in Allah’s eyes too :) take care girls! “

THAT! Is the sweetest letter I have ever gotten in my whole life. You know what’s the beauty of dakwah when you got it? Well it’s not that I taknak pakai socks before. The moment I got it I’ve already started to wear socks. *since it was in 2011 that I got the letter. The year after 2010 – I started to be better because my friends and seniors introduced me to Ustazah Fatimah Syarha’s novels :)

What I want to zoom here is (haha sesuka je guna perkataan zoom!) dakwah tu benda yang sweet! Don’t be harsh towards the ones who you wanted to help – to share your knowledge with. And Ummul, she did a great job :)

To put it laconically, we have to share the sweetness of dakwah! Be good to people we want to help – as DAKWAH IS SWEET :)

Thankyou bonda, Ummul! :)

Fartvxqhlovate <3

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ours are blooming :)

When other friendships have been forgot, ours will still be hot. :) 
-Mickey Mouse

This is the best quote to describe the friendship between my childhood friends (from primary school) until now :)

Actually I don’t really have any idea what to write though the two of ‘em, Ieqah and Bella ( Ieqah esp -.-) asked me to write about ‘em in my blog……………..and since I promised ‘em. Here it is :)

Well these days I rarely update my blog, so this entry is just another entry that you may find it boring but yeah Im actually trying to write an awesome one. ( see? I always act like I got thousand of readers…. )

Recently, at 11th of July, it was my birthdayyy. But these girls, I wonder why did they were the ones who wished me the latest!

Tweeting – and online at the same time, not wishing me for mah birthday is pretty mean -.-

But yeah they do know. They just acted like they didn’t. Only at the end of the day, a text from Bella and an unmention tweet from Ieqah came. It was their birthday wishes for me. Well yeah, SUPER THANKYOU ;)

I’m pretty sad since there’s one of us – Tyha is sometimes MIA. Perhaps because she just entered her college, and she’s busy :) Husnuszhon is the best way to soften our heart and keep the ukhuwah longer!

About that, I wish all of us can achieve our dreams and ambition in future :) I don’t care which place we’re studying, (since we’re separated once we entered high school) as long as we have the intention to study, to do and achieve our best, in shaa Allah we’ll be the ones we have always been dreaming to be :) Let’s score the best result! Listed in Dean’s List – 4 flat kalau boleh! Haha (yg cakap niiii pun alahaiiii. However, in shaa Allah! )

AFIQAH ADZIM (UiTM Merbok in Business Admin Course) – May you become the awesomest businesswoman. :D

NABILAH ZULKIFLI (CFS IIUM Gombak in Economy and Science Management ) – May you become the awesomest accountant. :D

FATIHA ZAHARI ( im not pretty sure which college :p but in Accounting Course if Im not mistaken :p) – May you become the awesomest accountant too :)

And meeee, FARZANA ROSLEY – now in UiTM for Foundation in TESL – May I become the awesomest lecturer ;D

Well I wonder why do I end my entry liddat -..- But yeah, I seriously do pray for you girls :) Not forgotten, I do pray for my high school awesome BFFS too ;)
I love you girls. Please stay beside me forever – whenever -- till jannah in shaa Allah :’) Aminnn.

Lots of love,


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet 18 Wishes! :)

First of all, assalamualaikum wbt ;)
Thank you everyone for your wishes. May Allah bless all of you
Thanks to my friends here in Kuantan for the celeb ;) 
Well yeah, here’s the birthday girl’s  wishes.
-          I wanna be a better Muslimah at every single moment Im living ;)
-          I wanna score the best result, chosen for Medsi interview -> further my degree in UIA! Aminnnn :D
-          I want to perform Umrah again! :) I miss Tanah Suci veghyyy muchhhh! :’)
-          I want to travel around the world at this young age -> In shaa Allah I’ll visit my friends yg belajar kat oversea tuuu! Hihi aminnnn :)
-          May the bond between my family and relatives get stronger each day :)
-          May my ukhuwah w/ friends ( BFFs and AWESOMEBFFs) last till jannah!
-          May I can be a good person -> get redha Allah -> masuk syurgaaa ! aminnn! :)

And last but not least *serious mode*

-          May my future spouse (whom I don’t know and I don’t wanna know yet..) is doing well, trying to be a good person (as how Im trying to), and live well till we meet, get married and have a happy family :)

This isn’t another puppy love dream. It’s a wish of a young-adult girl. Grown up, but still looking for my identity. This is just another wish of mine – to have a good future, in shaa Allah! :)   

Most of all, Thank you Allah to let me have this moment. 18 years and still counting. The Only One that will always be there for me. Allahu rabbi :)

A post that is not planned. So, macam ni lah jadinya :)

Thank you everyone! :) Family + Friends. Great day alhamdulillah! :)

And yeah, Happy 2ndRunnerversary Running Man! :D I love youuuuu 

That's it.

Lots of love, 
Farzana Rosley.
Fareyfar ;P

Ex-birthday girl :)

Friday, June 22, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt. Today, Im gonna present you a story, entitled, "DUDUK!"

Kisahnya bermula begini. Di suatu malam yang hening di UiTM Kuantan Padang Lalang, TESLian group B dan D sedang belajar di Dewan Makan (takda makanan, tp digunakan untuk belajar -.-)

Kelas yang berjalan merupakan subjek Islamic Studies. Maka, pelajar2 ini belajarlah dengan penuh khusyuk. Seperti yang di-plan, para pelajar dan ustaz akan memulakan bacaan Yasin, di DM diketuai Ustaz Fathir, pada pukul 9 untuk mengelakkan sebarang gangguan yang semedang mengganggu anak2 muda di UiTM Kampus Padang Lalang tersebut. Beberapa pelajar naik ke atas untuk mengambil kitab Yasin mereka.

Setelah turun, seorang pelajar (known as Usher if Im not mistaken) whispered to Ustaz supaya menyedekahkan bacaan Yasin untuk atuknya yang juga baru sahaja meninggal dunia semasa itu. *takziah ana ucapkan kepada anta, jgn bersedih, Innallaha ma'ana. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un.

Maka, bacaan dimulakan dengan 2 niat. Mengelak gangguan and untuk arwah atuk Usher. OK, saya menulis terlalu pjg. Setelah selesai membaca Yasin dan doa, ustaz menyambung pelajaran to 10. Setelah tamat, kelihatan beberapa pelajar lelaki yg bukan dari group B n D masuk ke kawasan DM utk hug Usher. *Mungkin utk mengucapkan takziah kepada Usher, saya kira.

Usai membaca doa, ustaz benarkan kami utk pulang ke bilik. Tetapi, sekumpulan pelajar lelaki yang masuk kws DM td meminta kami utk duduk sebentar. Namun, secara tiba2, seperti panahan petir, terdengar satu tengkingan dari belakang menyatakan, "DUDUK DULU!!" *like a boss! Apakah dia fikir dia bapak saya atau org yg lagi tua dr saya utk tengking segerombolan pelajar sebegitu? Tambahan pula, ustaz masih di situ!

Some boys told that 'duduk' guy to calm down. So, one of the boys memulakan speech. Dia suruh kami baca al-Fatihah utk atuk Usher, so we did it.

Kemudian, dia ckp : Lepas ni, korang kalau nak buat apape, discuss la dulu. Usher ni sebenarnya nak balik, tp disebabkan ada kelas tiba2 mlm ni, dia taknak skip class, dia tak sempat jumpak atuk dia. Atuk dia baru...*he shed tear. Atuk dia meninggal.

Kemudian that 'duduk' guy tengking lagi : ATUK DIA MENINGGAL TAU TAK?! MENINGGAL?!
So, mulalah girls bersuara like 'eh apa ni' ' y blame us' 'takyah la nk jerit2'.

That ends the story. Bukannya cerita tu tergantung. Tapi malaih nak taip dah. 
K, let's discuss.

Nilai murni yg terdapat dlm cerita DUDUK ialah:

1. Sabar. (Saya begitu bersabar kerana tidak membalas tengkingan 'duduk guy'. Kalau bukan kerana saya tak tahan nak ke toilet kerana terlalu sejuk dan menghormati Usher yg masih sedih, saya diam. Grr.)
2. Redha. (Usher redha dengan pemergian atuknya. Dia diam sahaja. Tetapi org lain yg lebih2 nk tengking bagai. Aneh. Hm.)
3. Hormat menghormati. ( 'duduk guy' tidak mempunyai sikap hormat menghormati kerana menengking kami semua di hadapan ustaz. Saya yg tidak mmpunyai apa2 authority, ingin mewajibkan 'duduk guy' utk meminta maaf kepada ustaz kerana menengking di hadapan ustaz. Kami tidak sempat pun untuk mngucapkan 'Terima Kasih Ustaz'. Ustaz pergi mcm tu sahaja. Maafkan kmi Ustaz :( )
4. Kepimpinan. ( baguslah kepada the guy yg buat close up dgn cara yg baik. namun sedikit sinis. but who cares. Asal saya sempat pergi toilet -..- )

Pengajaran yg terdapat dlm cerita DUDUK! ialah :

1. Kita jgnlah nak berlagak like a boss, berjalan in the middle of a crowd sambil silang tangan lepas tu tengking tengking org seperti 'duduk guy'.
2. Kita mestilah menghormati org yg telah pergi. Jgn lah menengking2 ats sesuatu kematian. Bukanlah salah sesiapa ats pemergian atuk Usher. "semua yg hidup pasti akan mati" Dan maafkan semua org Usher, it's not like all of us knows that your grandpa sedang sakit. Takziah sekali lg from ana. Ana harap enta tabah. Sedekahkanlah Yasin selalu jika rindu. In shaa Allah, atuk enta tenang di sana.
3. Kita hendaklah bermaaf-maafan sesama kita. Saya maafkan duduk guy. Tapi mohon duduk guy pergi memohon maaf dari ustaz jua.
4. KITA HENDAKLAH BERBINCANG DAHULU SEBELUM MEM-PLAN CLASS. (walaupun ini adalah punca pergaduhan, saya berani jamin, kisah DUDUK! ini, tiada sesiapa yang patut disalahkan.)

Sekian. Itu saja kot. 

Farzana Rosley.

Monday, June 18, 2012

New days ahead...

Well Assalamualaikum wbt!

So, this is my first entry after I become the UiTM Kuantan's TESLian Group D :)
Alhamdulillah. That's all I could say.

I am grateful that I am going to experience new and awesome things ahead, 

with new friends and surroundings.

From my first week, I feel extremely good with my lecturers :) They're all very sporting!
*suddenly I miss my school teachers :) I hope they're all doing well!

Yes, what's not really good is, of course, we're here from different backgrounds and not all of us are able to perform anything that is actually a Muslimah should do, but yeah, I'm again, grateful that previously in my school, I was taught w/ it. Alhamdulillah.

To change this kind of 'too social' environment, is actually not very easy. But it is NOT impossible. Here, we have an Islamic Club called 'Global Islamic Art'. And I joined the club for sure :) There are three clubs here, GIA is the only club that caught my attention since Im not really good at debating, (there's a Debate/Debat Club also).

However, I don't get any jawatan in the club. It's fine then. Because my purpose to be here is not to be well-known. *cukup lah dah femes sikit masa sekolah dulu hihihi :p and it's not easy to hold such responsibility. You must give your full commitment.

I sure will do my best to be a good student in shaa Allah :) As long as I have Allah & Rasulullah, family and friends w/ me :*

I'm expecting new days of mine will bloom shine and shiner hahaha :) In shaa Allah. All the best, ALL!

Farzana Rosley.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

If I Ever Change….

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :) Assalamualaikum wbt.

So, a new post. This isn’t about my experience in Baitullah. This isn’t another post copied from KP’s post. This is sort of a farewell speech? Hehehe

Im interested to make one since most of my friends wrote their speech on Batch Group’s Page on FB. I’m pretty shy to write it there. Im scared if my post isn’t Islamic at all. In which, I’ll feel burdened to write one that is pretty the same as their speech.

It’s not that Im saying that Im not trying to give a speech that benefits others, but I just feel like I cant write freely as how I used to. Hehehe :p

So, I’m gonna live pretty far from others after this. Im gonna face new surrounding, new people around with different backgrounds, new life and everything new since there’s none of us (in my school batch is going to Kuantan w/ me)

Well, my speech is like Im going to study abroad right? Haha well macam biasa lah. My style. (Like a boss, since this is my blog :p)

With all the new things Im gonna face, what I really hope is there will be nonew’ version of me.

I'm telling you guys,
If I ever change, be it to a better one.
But if I ever change to a person that’s worse than how I am today, I really hope that you can tell me. And correct me. And make me realize how bad I’ve been doing.
Tegurlah beta. If I ever change…

That what friends are for, right?

Last but not least, ukhuwwah fillah Abadan abada :) May our bond remains strong.

0711 are the years that I faced almost everything that can make me be as how I am today. With everyone around, we grew mature together. Let’s just not forget each other :)

Nak kahwin jemput ai. Hahaha :p

That’s it. (tak terharu pun baca -..- bosan ah kan?.. Sorry naa. )


Friday, May 25, 2012

Tips Hafal Ilmu :)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Okay, another copied post. This post is what Syaza, my bestfriend shared on our batch group page :)

Rasulullah SAW bersabda :

" barangsiapa yang ingin mudah menghafal ilmu, maka dia hendaklah melazimkan akan lima perkara :

1. dia hendaklah mengerjakan solat (sembahyang) malam meskipun dua rakaat

2. selalu suci dan didalam keadaan berwuduk

3. bertaqwa kepada Allah sama ada dalam keadaan rahsia (tanpa diketahui
orang ) ataupun secara terang terangan ( diketahui orang)

4. niat ketika makan adalah untuk bertaqwa (kuat untuk beribadah) bukan untuk

5. selalu mengamalkan bersugi ( membersihkan mulut daripada berbau ).