Monday, March 28, 2016

Touch of Colours; HAPPY HOLI!

Assalamualaikum wbt and halluuuuuuuuu anyone here haha.

So last Thursday (24th of March 2016) was the Holi Day! It's not holiday okay, but holi-day!

It's the day that's full with colours and I sure had fun. Considering that it was the day with festival of coours, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally liked it.

It was my first time doing it and I believe I should share the symbolic of Holi Festival. Basically it's a day or festival, organized for people to have fun. It's a Festival full of Colours, Love and Happiness.

A club here in USM organized the event and we went there (because why not?). I live in Malaysia, a country of different races so I surely would love to learn the other races' cultures.

There's not much to share since I also dont have much to say haha. So let the photos speak.

Here's one. Top; Before. Bottom; After.

My squad. Sorta. Hahaha. We had fun.
Solo shot time, Hahaha.
As you can see. We all wore white. After that only we turned colourful when we played with Holi powder.

So yeahhhhhhhhhhh.

Celebrate Holi Festival , CHECKED!

I'm so glad that I'm trying a lot of new things this year. Alhamdulillah.

Till then.

Farzana Rosley.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

First week

Some of you might be wondering, which first week? Dah tengah February of 2016 pun hahaha.

It's my first week of my 3rd year, 2nd semester (6th semester) alhamdulillah. And assalamualaikum/hello to anyone who's reading this :D

So first week seems fine. We got pretty nervous sebab all the subjects for this semester macam membunuh. Haha. But that's learning ey? It gets tougher as we get deeper into it. It would be a challenge, really. Tapi, try hard lah kan. Hahaha.

Okay. This semester memang I have resolutions just like any other semester. And I'm trying my best to keep up with it so I could achieve all I want inshaAllah. With all the things going on, plus masalah negara, I need to study and work harder.

^ This is what happen when I dont plan what to write hahaha.

I actually wanna share about my 15 days trip and experience in South Korea tapi there's too many to share. Im afraid I dont have the commitment to do so sobs. Hahaha. Even my Umrah trip previously I didnt share much. >.< I will inshaAllah. Whenever I have the time so yeah.


*maybe I should put blog update as my weekly thing? Idk. Also, I keep thinking about Vlogging but Im so insecure lol. Takpelah. That, I will think also. So, thanks for reading!

Farzana Rosley.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Submission week.

It's the worst when a semester comes to an end. Not because we'll miss studying, or because we're sooooo stressed out of the exams that are coming. It's only because we have a lot, and by a lot it means almost every subject's assignment submission.

Last week was the hell week for most of us (TESOLians especially). When we have Multimedia as our Minor, you know it only means sleepless nights.

Not that all of us did our job at the very last minute you know (although in my case, Yes I did). Because my friends, finished editing the videos the earliest, ended up stuck at the very last minute because our e-Learning website progress slower than snails. We had tonnes of files to be uploaded for God's sake! (I'll have to agree w/ our creative writing lecturer that it is indeed, Universiti Sangat Mundur -.-)

So yeah. What's there to write when it's all over now? We managed to submit it anyway because our lecturer (who has always shown his beastly-sarcastic side) turned out to be one of the nicest person on earth! *Trust me you would get a veeeeeeeeeeery different answer if you had asked us last semester. Well, we were glad and enjoyed ourselves when our videos were presented. 

It was hard, I tell ya. It really was. A lot of us broke down and even questioned our lives why were we asked to pick it as our Minor?! WHYYYY?! 

Skills. I guess that's why. I'm telling ya, I feel like a whole new person after I learn those skills and if you ask me right now, I could say that I am able to produce a movie! (a short one, maybe). Hahaha.

The process was all tiresome. Most of us turned to monsters. You do NOT wanna fool around us last week, because whatever you said, it wouldn't be funny when my eyes need to focus on the screen and my fingers need to stay clicking, editing and pressing any buttons I could, in order to give our best shot.

AGAIN! Why do I write?! (I keep going off track hahaha). 

It's because it's all over now. :) 

So to anyone out there, who's having a really hard time doing whatever things right now, don't worry because it will soon be over. (For as long as the thing you're doing is worth it for your future, I assure you, inshaAllah, there's gain afterwards.)

Here's a quote I would like to share. From one of my favourite Youtubers, Travis Bryant :) <-- check out his Youtube account because he is super nice and cool :D

"Perfer et obdura dolor hic tibi proterit olim."

The meaning is more or less, as stated in the picture below.

I guess that's all from me :)

Thanks for reading. I hope I'll write more in 2016. InshaAllah.

Farzana Rosley.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dear Bash-ers/ Keyboard Warriors,


As we all know for every saint, they have their own past. As for the sinners, they all have their future.

Not saying Im saint enough but Im saying that everyone has a chance. How dark is someone else's past, s/he might turn out good in the future. 

If you wanna say that I'm rebellious, well you're entitled to your own opinion. I am one of those kids who encountered the rebellious years. In fact, I could lead the rebellious kids. But with those experiences, I learnt. My seniors masa high school kept calling my name and friends' whenever there's a meeting or sth. Why? Because we did sth wrong and trust me, no matter how better I turned out in the end pun, I still HATE the way they did to us. (Jumpak kat akhirat ye)

Torturing us in front of the public, called our names as if we had no pride, and made us seemed as if we're the worst mankind that ever existed in this world.

I know how hurtful is that. I know how harsh it could be when you're being tortured or hated by most people. But I was lucky enough (if I could say..) that it happened only during school. And when we were form5, I would have to thank a few of my batch mates that have the balls to correct us nicely (with the way we could accept it; understanding our situations) whenever we did some mistakes.

While some people are hated, bashed and discriminated by a country; as if they have no chance to change. No room to improve or even a space to correct themselves. Call me a sicko, call me a liberal, I know it's hurtful because I care. Because I know that for a better way to change someone is to talk to em nicely. 

Only nicely and nicely. Keep bashing people cause it's gonna make a change! (AS IF! PLEASE NOTE THAT IT'S SARCASM YOU SICKHEADS) 

My lecturer once said; there's a difference between mistake and error. Mistake is fine; because you know you did it wrong and you will do your best to not repeat it. And error is pretty much a problem because you don't even know that you're doing it wrongly!

Life. We make mistakes. People do. And one thing that differs ours from theirs is whether ours is told to the world or well-hidden behind all the nice things we've been doing. But that doesn't mean we're holy. In fact, we might sin a lot more than those people whom one of their sins are told to the world today. 

I'm not defending. I'm just stating that although some people did a mistake, they have the chance to repent. As for us who keep judging and spreading their weaknesses, how far are we gonna go? And what do we really get actually?

And I'm not saying we should ignore it either. Let's just pray that they will repent. Leave everything to them and God if we really care (since people have been sharing here and there). It's their businesses to deal with each other now. If you're really itchy to type, you should know the right words to use when you're advising. Yea?

Said we wanna save generation. It's to prevent in future, not to bash. Well everything comes from me, I myself am a sinner. So it's my two cent. 

Farzana Rosley.


Sunday, October 25, 2015


Assalamualaikum wbt and Hello everyone! :)

It's me again. 

You might feel like, whoa why does she has to put those caps lock on with the exclamation mark? Well, I'll tell you why. Because it's SCREAM QUEENSSSS!! *really shout to the top of my lungs*

By Ryan Murphy.

Hahaha. Okay. Truth to be told, I'm not a fan of Emma Roberts. Neither am I a fan of Ryan Murphy. I've always heard from my friends how Murphy's American Horror Story is good, but I just don't have time to find and binge-watch it from Season 1. Now that SCREAM QUEENS just started, I wouldn't wanna miss it for the world!

Besides, the reason I'm watching it is because my favourite twins are in it! *clap clap* Let us all take a moment to appreciate how Aaron and Austin have grown up and made such a great debut in SCREAM QUEENS as Roger and Dodger :D:D :D

Austin and Aaron! Visit their youtube channel: The Rhodes Bros
I'll have to say, it took a lot of courage for me to watch an on-going show. Because I'll have to wait for the next episode weekly. (which I've never really done before!). I'll just be honest. What typical college students would do is that, we would download the whole series when the season is over, and we watch it for non-stop!

That's why I believe this time it's different. Cause I have to wait. (WAITING IZ HARDDDD T_T)

Well, let's talk SCREAM QUEEN. I'll have to say, the film is full of parody or mocking elements to our society today. There are a lot of illogical elements (which I would usually NOT watch), but then the ridiculousness of how the characters grow, the plot and everything made it great! In a way that we know we don't have to think hard when we watch it. We watch it, just because. I personally like all the irrelevant situations that mock the societies all over the world today.

It's been 6 episodes after last week. And yes, [[SPOILER ALERT]] MY BOYS DIED! Roger and Dodger died! Well of course Dodger died first, when the Red Devil stabbed him in the maze;

Austin as Dodger
But being twins, of course they can't live by one another. Which I believe what the murdered would think, so he killed Roger too!

Aaron as Roger *uuuu what a way to die >.<
Well, it's quite sad when the reasons I've been watching the show have died but I need to know who's the guy(s) behind the masks are, so I'll keep watching it. 

For people out there who wish to watch a horror movie, yet not so scary, it's a good show hahaha. It could really take our minds of the tasks or assignment for a while. 

Hope you'll love it as much as I do! :)

Farzana Rosley.