Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Renungan Kite Same2^.^

Bile Allah memakbulkan doamu,
Mka Dia menyayangimu.
Bile Dia lmbt mkbulkn doamu,
Mka Dia ingin mengujimu.
Bile Allah tidak makbulkan doamu,
Mka Dia merancang sesuatu yg lbey baik untukmu(:
Oleh itu, sentiasalah bersangka baik pada Allah dalam apa jua keadaan pun
kerana kasih sayang Allah itu mendahului kemurkaanNya.

So, ini untuk renungan semue:)
Aku bermasalah siket, so aku post la menda neh.it does help. A bit, yeah!
Haha:)ta kesa,, as long as aku ta lupe Tuhan.
Aku sbnrnya rsa mcm hdup kt neraka gila sial!
memula actually, yeah, aku terpikir gak nk bunuh diri[bodo en?]
Haha,but then aku pikir balek, bnuh diri nanti msok neraka gak...aishh,,tu yg tamo uhh.hehe^^
So,, as usual,, ade je menda aku nak merapu dana kat sini,, well, bia ahh, as i said before, my BLOG, my business! Orang nk kate pape,, well, hell with you laa.ape aku kesa?~haha:) aku idop jek[jerky me.haha]emm, na kate pe ea? For thoseyg bermasalah mcm AKU,, jgn sedih!sbb,, Allah takkan uji seseorang tu if die ta mmpu,, so kite ni diuji[wpun rase sgt tensen], tp kite msti tao,, Tuhan bgi kite ujian sbb Dia tao kite mmpu..hmm,, i think it ends this entry, btw!
Salam,, sampai berjumpa lagi.
*poyo.buat gaya ramai je yg slalu view blog aku.haha^^

Sunday, December 27, 2009


emm, nak kata hebat sangat,, tak laa.
nak kata terok sangat pon, tak jugak...
sekadar cukup2 makan tambah lauk siket jep.
my pmr result got 7a 1b 1c...
(malu lak post ceni...haha, tp ape aku kisah?blog aku en?)
emm,yg slack nyerr, Science=B n Arab=C...

emm, bukan nye aku menci subjek uhh,
tp mayb aku lemah ot..
i've tried my best,, tp dah takat tu je yg bule,
nk wt cena enn?
emm,, lgi ape ek??

aku sgt amat bangga apabila keputusan PMR this year meningkat! banyak lak uh?!

seperti kata Zamira,,
biar orang ngata kitorang Batch 1994 terok.uhhh!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


result PMR!!!!
24 dec!
im dying.
im dying....
pray 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


credit to:) aisyah yusairah=the photographer~
thnx everyone.
luvya all.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


be strong.i know we'll always keep the faith(:

saranghae dong bang shin ki!!!!!!

we are all a family(:

tvxq's real resons of filing sm to court- taken from POPSEOUL

It’s time to clear the air of this whole debacle.
A lot of speculation and panic erupted after the news of Kim Jun-su, Kim Jae-joong, and Park Yoo-chun of TVXQ filing a provision disposition to disposition to terminate the exclusive right effects on their contract with SM Entertainment on July 31st. Within the past three days, Cassiopeians have been counting their lucky stars that their precious TVXQ will not disband due to this matter. Well, three days is long enough, so on August 3rd, the three members released an official press release through Se-jong addressing everyone’s fears and clarifying any discrepancies speculated by the press.
1. During the five years after their debut, the three members were getting really tired mentally and physically because of the one-sided schedule of company.
Xiah, Hero, and Micky are the members of group TVXQ, and they made debut in 2004. They had to travel to Korea, Japan, and China, and perform their schedules by sleeping only 3~4 hours a day, except one week in a year based on their management company, SM’s instructions. Their mental and physical health conditions were getting worse due to the exhausting schedules, but SM tried to enter them into the market abroad and made unreasonable one-sided schedules. Finally, the three members realized that they cannot achieve what they want as artists in SM, as they would be used as just tools to make profit of SM.
2. The period of 13 years actually means whole life contract.
According to their contract, the contract period is 13 years, which would amount to more than 15 years, as the thirteen years do not apply to the time in compulsory military service. That means there is more than 10 years remaining on their current contract, which would essentially mean until their retirement. Also if they break the contract, they would be required to pay more than three times the total investment, or two times the lost profit. Even under the possibility of canceling the contract with the mutual agreement of SM, TVXQ would be required to pay the penalty. In other words, it was actually be impossible to break the contract due to the millions of won involved, so they have no choice but to stay with SM.
3. The members never got the appropriate level of treatment for the amount of effort that they put in.
Not only did the members not receive a deposit; according to the initial contract for album profit allotment, only when an album sold 500,000 copies in one day, could they get $10,000 per member, and when albums sold less than 500,000 copies, the members could not receive any earnings. This was changed on February 6, 2009, yet the amount of money the members receive from the albums is still only 0.4%~1% per person, depending on the album sales.
4. The members requested changes to inappropriate contract points several times, but SM did not care.
In this situation, the three members requested revision be made on their current inappropriate contract several times, but SM focuses on the concern over their cosmetic line business that completely sidesteps the core of the issue. Nevertheless, the three members wish to find a way to smooth over the problem by requesting a conversation with SM, but SM did not answer it. Also, based on the attitude they showed us, they have realized they cannot solve this problem by simply settling in a conference, and finally decided to take legal action.
5. The cosmetic line investment is not related to their entertainment activities, nor does it have anything to do with this situation. The true essence of this situation would be the inappropriate contract.
SM made a public announcement that the members made provisional disposition due to the cosmetic line investment, but the investment has nothing with this situation. The cosmetic line investment that SM is referring to is the investment the three members made when they were entering the market in China, and it is a financial investment that has no correlation with their entertainment activities. It does not make any sense that the members would make a provisional disposition and put everything they achieved as TVXQ at stake just to invest 100 thousand dollars in a beauty line. The main concern that the members want to focus on is their inappropriate contract terms, and SM should cease using their beauty line investment to distract from the central issue.
6. The members do not want to disband TVXQ and just want to free themselves from unreasonable contract restraints.
Many fans are worried about the possible disbanding of TVXQ due to this situation. However, making this provisional disposition does not signal the end of TVXQ. Now, three members are participating in the lawsuit due to a difference of ideas regarding how to approach this situation, but there is no problem between the members. Nothing has changed and they wish to keep the promise they made to their fans that they would stay united as one. If this situation is resolved according and the unreasonable clauses are lifted from their contract, they will be free to be one in front of their fans.
7. We think of this as another chance to mature.
We are sorry to the fans that care about TVXQ so much who may be shocked and dismayed with our actions, but if you think of this as just another chance for us to expand as artists and maintain you support in us, we will promise to compensate you with a more mature TVXQ.
So calm down, Cassies, the boys have got your back as long as you got theirs. SM Entertainment would be utterly stupid to let their biggest money maker leave them, or end this media battle by looking like the bad guy that operates on slave contracts.

[Hat tip to 정송희 (no_1ez) for the article]
taken from POPSEOUL

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


mode=tingin pegi syurga.
prgai=cm sialan.
pening laa.
maknusia(aku pn sma laa!~)

farPOYO gila nehh!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

keaslian VS kepura-puraan~

Well.ape khabar?(klu ade readers laa~)eheh.
Tatau nk ckp pe sbnrnye.
New topic.
Betulla kan, Allah da cipta n rncg sesuatu mnda tuh, msti ada kebaikn n keburuknnya yg trsndiri~
1 topik hri ini: kebaikn n keburukan yg seorg ordinary student apabila dy da msuk skola agma.
Actually, bnda jjur aku ckp,
Utk dihayati oleh aku+kwn2 aku.bkn geng aku sahaja!tetapi,
Whole students of fom3 al-irshad.
Friends, i know i’m not perfect at all.
There are many advantages that we got when we study here
-we learn more bout our religion, i mean, deeply la.
-we realize the importance of ukhuwah
-we learn everything to make us become a very perfect muslim @ muslimah.

But,,a big BUT here~
There is also a disadvantage that we have gone through everyday.
Do u know what is it?
Bukan semua.tapi segelintir.bukan semua bagus.dan yang bagus tu pun bukan semua lengkap.
As we KNOW, nobody’s perfect!
Hm,,there IS a reason wh do I say that we all are hypocrite.
-we covered everything on our body from top to toe in school, but outside,,(mamamia!!)
I’m just the same as what i’m writing about.yeah, i know that. I AM hypocrite.but, for those who,we, PEOPLE really think that she is perfect but she isn’t at all, SHOULD and MUST stop pretending that they are good.
-next, some students in fom3, yes I know, have their crush and lovers and couple and bla.bla.bla!!
Some of them have the relation with the students in our own school while the others are in different school.
There was a case that makes me realize where we dont have to bother other people’s problem and relation.
Aghhhh!!!!konon nak mencegah maksiat!!! Tapi kalo korg sndiri becinta,,jgn tego org len laa. He-lo!
I’m not mad bcoz of wut,,(I AM SINGLE, BTW!),, bkn aku yg kna tgor ngn bdk2 yg prsn bgus tu pon, tp kwn2 aku.
N masalahnye skrg, bdk2 yg tego tu pun kapel gak, n dorg pon kwn2 aku!!!!aku tersepit! Aku dgr dua2 pihak kutuk satu sama len...ape kata,,, kite sdaq sket, klu kita ta perfect,, KITA UBAH DIRI KITA DLU, BARU TEGO ORANG!!!! Tak ke siol,, contoh laa,, si polan ni kapel, then dy tego si fulan agr jgn berkapel.ape kes???
Bak kate pepatah, seperti ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan betul!
1 lgi, ada satu hadis aku pnh jumpa, di mn,,contohlaa,, klu ssorg tu xsolat,, tp dy mnegur org len p solat,, DIA DULU YANG AKAN MENONONG PEGI NERAKA TAU TAK?!!!

Readers, yang kalu bek laa,, tolong la aku solve kn prob neh~.~’

seindah mawar berduri

Indah sungguh kelopak bungamu,
Secantik bahasa dan gerak gerimu,
Sopan ditiup sang bayu,
Batang dan dahanmu tetap tunduk malu.

Kelopakmu tetap dipelihara,
Daripada Kumbang yang membinasa,
Duri didahanmu tetap tersedia,
Mempertahankan kecantikan dan kesucian jiwa.

Kau tetap sentiasa berdiri,
Menahan cabaran yang diberi,
Tetap tidak pernah hilang harga diri,
Dirimu indah sukar untuk didekati,
Walaupun dipujuk, dirayu oleh nafsu sendiri,
Melainkan syariat memberi.

Si kumbang perkasa tidak akan tertawan,
Dengan mawar yang kehilangan perawan dan keagungan,
kerna dirimu telah rosak dibinasakan.

Hilang hargamu wahai sekuntum mawar murahan,
Menayangkan kecantikan yang tiada kesempurnaan,
Hanya terus bertuhankan nafsu dan keseronokan,
Dirimu ditinggalkan patah kelayuan.

ya Allah, izinkn ku mnjadi sekuntum mawar yg berduri...

p/s: this was sent by my cousin to me.
hm,,i dunno whre does she take it.
this is really good.
to be read n feel.
n start to CHANGE!


they are all my beloved DBSK, SUPERJUNIOR, SHINEE, and SNSD!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


setiap orang punya wawasan.
punya cita2.
punya impian.
dan menjadi seorang juruterbang(PILOT) merupakan cita2ku.
banyak yang perlu ditempuhi.
langkah kucuba aturkan...
moga impian dan cita2 itu tercapai(:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What would u do if everytime u felt in love, u have to say goodbye?

#still in my stupid ‘jiwang’ mode.
heh.who noe~
well, back to the topic,, wut would u do, if everytime you felt in love u HAVE to say goodbye??
does it hurts ur feelings?
Wut is ur next reaction?looking forward?stay up with no direction?
I’m feeling like OPRAH.or,,DR.PHILL, perhaps?haha..
This is just a love discussion.its okay.its a norm among teens~
If u doesnt, u might be an abnormal person..haha.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

wut do we say?

saying something and wishing u hadn't
saying nothing and wishing u had.
i guess the most important thing are the hardest things to say...

#saying something and wishing u hadn't
-this sentence mkes me wonder sometym.
i might said sthing that hurt others..

#saying nothing and wishing u had.
-and this sentence also makes me feel sucks!
will u TELL ur crush that u klove them???

ahh.stupid thing.
i dont think teen like me suppose to say like this...
im not suppose to post this on ma blog..hek2.
but really!
i got a crush.
but i HATE it~

ahh.jiwang sat!

Sekeping Memori~

Ku mencari di mana cintamu
Ku bertanya di mana kasihmu
Meski bayangmu tidak lagi
Menghantui segenap hariku
Walau kutahu kaubukan milikku

Sebuah kenangan yang tercipta dulu
Telah kutitipkan ia
Di dalam kotak ingatanku
Biar usang di mindaku
Namun tak luntur di jiwaku
Ingin sekali aku merasai kehangatan cintamu
Kepingin hati menyelami ombak rindumu
Yang kini hanya tinggal sekeping memori
Untuk menjadi sekeping memori

Engkau yang aku puja
Sedang mengecap kebahagiaan
Dengan dia sang pencipta lara
Diri ini yang dulunya dicintai
Kini layu terkulai sepi

Thanx to(:
=fateensyifaanadhirahmohamadmazalan(penulis sajak)
=the memory(haha:)
=too sad to say that i got a new crush.but he doesnt even like me.haha(:

3al-Farabi 2009.speselMEMBUNUH!

Heh(:aku mara sma bebdk laki kelaskuh!
Haha.dasar xbtgungjwb.
Korg mmg spoil!sportrimberkarat pye kaum ADAM~
Hmpeh.baiknye kitorg kemaskelascucisemua korang tengokdanbelahjek?!
Siol la korg!tamao kawan!ngee~

Uhh,,satu agy yg aku geram,,,
Eyp miahwan, sukasuki jak ko belah sedangkan kelas tuh ng da sepahkan dengan barangbarangtakgunasialan uh!lepas tu org tego bole sengih n buatsemaksamun balek?!
Wee~geramnya haku!
Sorg lgik, PuteriNabilah AWEKacap pon same jek.
Tamao tlg lgsg! knp kalau pgg plstik smph uh kotor sgt ke? knp klau pgg plastik
tu acap nk reject kea!
Aku sgt berTRIMAS kpd zukreena+safiah+syahirahrahim+amalina+idayu and diriku sndiri gk sbb ajin kms kelas yang kotorsemaksamungilasial uhh!

Whatever.taraever(:sori n thnx doe.
Terasa jangan mara sbb menda yg aku ckp mmg BETUL.
jamuanRAYA 3af memang xbole belahh.haha(:

Uhh.penagihdadah BODOH!

Oi aku mrh glak neh!apesal nan sume maknusia kt muka bumi ni tah???xbley tgk org hdop sng lgsg!!!marah betul aku nan ‘tedpid’ uhh(ta kesa r eja cena un,,,) yg psti glongn pnagih dadah yg hrm ne mmg sial! Dowg pye psl aku xbole on9!!! Dowg g curik wyr tpon....ngee. ingt hape ke???!sukasuki dyorg jek wt cenggituhh!!!!!!!
Aku da lme terseksa xbole on9,, tpksa bertahan lagik!!uft!sial.sial.sial.
Mcmsial tga mrh tatao na ckp pe eyhh.haha;DD
Aku sumpah semua penagih dadah kat Malaysia kne langgarLORI!(aku kn teraniaya,,doaku mudah dimakbulkan..haha)
Setan giler!uhh.penat suda makihamunhinasegala! Mao jerit satu dunia

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sumtin yg sedey sket.


This is a very sad perpisahan words from my fren.kwn aku ntaq tym dy nk kuar dr ngra ni r.smbg bljr~..even aku tkdela rpt sgt ngn dy un, aku rsa cm nk nges jek bla bca msg yg dy ntaq kt aku uh~~huh.aku letak cni sbb ayt dy bez.
even mcm agk familiar un,, aku rsa tetiba jek nk post kt cni...
Here it is(:

Kngi sbuah ptemuan krn tcptanya kmsraan,sygi sbuah phbungn krn dstu, tcptanya pshbtn.
Jdikn jlinn antra kta persis untaian tasbih, ada awal, tiada pnghjung.
Dbntuk utk mingtinya, diratib smta2 krn redhanya, menitis air mta tika merasai kmnisannya.
Biar renggang di fana dunia, biar hina di mata manusia, biar semangat smkin tua, biar akal smkin berusia,,,,jgn tergadai silaturrahim antara kita.

Aku tjukn mnda alah ni buat:))
- kwn2 skpb esp tyha, eqah, bella, ejat,eman.
- kwn2 spesel yg sering terpisah, engkuaqila, farahnadiah, nurmarini n aziatulazimah
- kwn2 eshud hosteliers!,,esp: trah, addeen, aina, anis, ward, saf, anat, zam, zuk, ayu, zimah, paah, efdi, yus, dalil, cheqot, cibu,eika(kecik), nami2, n sape2 lgila yg close ngn aq...jnuh nk list suhma.hee~
-kwn2 eshuid geng berulang...esp peah, maleen, fateen n ‘amirah qurratul ‘aini...(aku ska nm dy)
- LBNL,,of coz la kwn2 fs neh..mke sure kta cntc2!slgi aku hdup, insyaAllah, aku bkk gk fs even da brnk empat un.haha


segalanya de abes...

blom end of the world k...

Saturday, October 10, 2009



science is pretty tough laa...
tatao na ckp pe.
doa jepp skunk!

ini mase bufday celeb++anniversary SSM!

Thursday, October 8, 2009