Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disease of writing,

Well hello and salam'alayk everyone.

It's like 10-15 days before final. And I realized I have a disease, which occurs only when the exam is near.

Like, right now? Ahaha, my exam is like around the corner (really at the edge I won't lie) but hell yeah, I feel like writing.
And currently Im actually doing my reflections (my assignment) so yeah Ive done two. So Im gonna take 5 and write this nonsense that no one would even read lol,

Im not sure why does this disease even exist, and why does it only occur to me and myself only? Or is it me that is too crazy not knowing how to manage things wisely? Aaaaaaaaaaa idek anymore.

So that's it actually. I just randomly write things, and planning to write more after this. Which includes my feelings; especially after what happened to Kris :( , living life with fellow Spartans and my withdrawal from certain people whom I see not worth standing together anymore.

I believe for the time being, that's my choice, yep I do.

And I believe I have this identity crisis but Im pretty sure of my choices,

That's it for now.
2 more reflections to go,adios.