Thursday, March 21, 2013

...and the pain went away

So assalamualaikum wbt.

These days arent where people love to blogwalk anymore I harap-harap ada la jugak sorang dua jawab salam tu haha or else I have to emmmm bajet hebat bukak blog sendiri and jawab salam sendiri? *okay I sound like someone who desperately needs a bog reader but NOPE, it's okay hahaha.

So. Today is the last day of class alhamdulillah. Finally! Foundation classes officially ends! But unfortunately final exam ada lagi la kan. *which I hmmm absolutely dont know what to scribble on the answer sheets next week !!

So last week, or this week's early days (fck whatever day it was) I fall sick. *which I rarely do. So when I did, it was like aghhhhh very teruk, cant even walk, no appetite, this and that and those...........

I was so thankful to my friends around me yang helped out, Kim Biel Wawa and Nana and whoever, yang stopped by at least to say get well soon ehehe.

The worst part of being ill was that I tak suka makan ubat okay. Like seriously I took an hour to finish at least two dose of medicine. Hmm.

But finally I was ehemmm kinda sorta touch when Ummi Abah sanggup turun Kuantan to visit me. *cuz memang I susah sakit kan -.-

I honestly am touched and absolutely terus rasa berdosa haha like yknow been a very ungrateful daughter. But I wasnt that bad laaa hehehe :p

Oh yeaaaa. You must would want to see what makes me almost cried. What my auntie said to me :

Hmmmm. I surely am touched. Sampai harini pun. Cant believe it la. Thanks ummi abah.

InshaAllah Ill do my best in final :')

and so.........the pain went way. Food poisoning and fever, hamdallah and biiznillah, berlalu. (actually sakit lagi 2 days after that but fever no more la hehe)

That's it. Alhamdulilah, semoga Allah redha :D


Friday, March 15, 2013

Final is coming.

Hai :) Assalamualaikum wbt :)

I'll sit for my Final Examination on 27th inshaAllah. And after that, I'll be freee! Yeayyy I know Im kinda excited to get out from this scarily place and state, Kuantan - Pahang. *selalu takdak air, scary pakcik teksi galak and all other yg burdensome.

But I surely won't forget how Im granted with awesome friends, awesome classmates, awesome lecturers and other awesome memories here.

To success, is a dream of every single learner. Tajdid niat, be it lillah.

Allahu, make ease of everything. Allahuakbar :')

Pray for my success. I'll stop playing around. Thank you.

Fartvxqhlovate :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Better get our of the troop before you hurt yourself even more.

So Assalamualaikum wbt.

At times when you feel as if you re not wanted, the best choice is to leave the troop. Not because you hate them. But you know that in the end, you won't hurt yourself even more.

I guess it is better that way.

It's better when the person you thought who would be your friend just think of you as another person he or she has known. Not much valued.

Oh yeah. Reality bites.

I don't care.

And I learned one thing. Today, in this world, all you need is fame, beauty and money. And intelligence of course. 

Just. Be part of the game. Cuz one day you'll play better. With what you had from what you experienced. Play well, Farzana. And be the winner. 

Another rant.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Foundation is coming to an end.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

In another weeks, I'll be leaving Kuantan inshaAllah. I like it being here, having awesome friends, cool classmates, and so, I know being a siswi isn't a half bad. :P

But so, I cant wait to go home, and do almost everything during the 'almost four months' break :)

Me being random
These days Im being extra sensitive. And this week is soooooooooooooooo not my week. Bad things happened, conflicts, barang2 jatuh, kepala terhantuk sana sini and whatever. Adoi. Haha

I swear I cant wait to leave Kuantan especially after my worst experience kena kacau dengan driver taxi. I m pretty traumatized to see taxi haha. Over kan. But yeahhh I trust Allah to take care of meee.

I havent applied for my UPU yet. I wish I could get any Uni cuz I dont care much as long as it is B.Ed. TESL. Hmmmm.

I was about to rant. But I dont think I m too rajin to type.

So, I think Imma say Im going to miss TESLians and TESL D and my roommate and my geng here in Kuantan. I just hope that we won't lost contact.

Oh yeah about deactivating my Twitter, Idk if I want to activate it back or not cuz Im so sick of hypocrites, ustadustazah, or dramas on Twitter, I just cant stand it. That s why. Hahaha. I think we should get a life.

I mean a real life. Sembang kencang kat internet tak jadi apa jugak. Heh.

Oh yea. Okay. I love you TESL D. Keep in touch on Whatsapp, FB and text.........ahaha

Hm not much but we got first runner up for choral speaking. and our duo singer, bat and shamin won the first place for karaoke. proud of TESL D. we had fun ! <3
This was after our choral speaking performance. BLACK AND RED cuz we cannnn :D
Im going to miss every single of you like seriously :) Except for hmmmm hahahaha. Ok I think you guys feel the same too :P Ok jk :D

Awesome TESL D is awesomeee. WE BITE ! RAWRRRR


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Engagement Day.

Hello Assalamualaikum world! Finaleeeeee I can upload pics. And here are some pics where I would like to share. They re taken by me mostly - One-day Photographer I was -.- (sumpah aku photographer tak bertauliah -.-)

I would like to congratulate my sister for her engagement ! Chukahei :)
Yes, Rasulullah tak bagi announce engagement right? In my understanding ; kita takleh bagitau to whom we re engaged, but we can announce it to tell people that somebody has 'choppp' or stamped that this girl is going to get married to a specific somebody. * I hope what I understand is right :) Kalau salah mohon betulkan. Boleh beta delete post ni.

Le sister, Angah :)

Alhamdulillah the event went well. Thanks to Paknyah who became the spokeperson representing pihak perempuan :)

Paknyah is in the middle w/ blue baju melayu :)

I think the rest of the post I would like to let the picture speaks :)

Ladies of The Rosleys

Our family-friend :) *Parents' bestfriends and so we are very like a family.
Im so happy of my parents bestfriends, thank you PaklangBakar sefamili and Pakcik Bakri sefamili for being there. There were there since Saturday to help out. Even some relatives weren't there -.- But our relatives do help out after the event :)

Relatives. Too many names to be mentioned. Sankyu cousins for being there. Especially Abg Shahrel sefamili who I even think as my brother because he and his family is the closest to our family rather than his own family hehe.
Well my post really sound like I was the one yg engaged but NOOOO I didnt. hahaha. Lekluuu muda lagi.

Some even asked, Far bila lagi? Haaaa kasut mau? Kita biaq hat atas semua lepas dulu. The rest bila dah sampai masa ada la.

Beta suci and I dont have the feeling of getting married pun hahaha. I admit it that I like the topic of Munakahat itself. But I have no feeling about anything. Emo-no side of me. Idontknowwhy!!

Perhaps because it isn't the time yet. (Y)

I just think we're too young to think of it.

Okay I think that wraps up everything :)

Thanks for dropping by! :)