Friday, April 30, 2010


sing and keep singin. hope my days will shine brightly in MAY :]

Thursday, April 29, 2010

no topic :P

Songs in my ear these days.
-hate that I love you – rihanna ft. ne-yo
-try sleeping wih a broken heart – Alicia key
- suara – hijau daun
- iyaz – solo
- ss501 – love like this
They’re awesome:] how bout yours? Share with me any interesting songs? I dun care whether they’re new or old songs :P
Nah! The lyrics of suara- hijau daun. I never know this song before! I know this song after bkk blog kk Nada Alya :P maka, credit to her yeaa. And dedicated to all of you^^ sedappp :)
di sini aku masih sendiri
merenungi hari-hari sepi
aku tanpamu, masih tanpamu
bila esok hari datang lagi
ku coba hadapi semua ini
meski tanpamu oooh meski tanpamu
bila aku dapat bintang yang berpijar
mentari yang tenang bersamaku disini
ku dapat tertawa menangis merenung
di tempat ini aku bertahan
suara dengarkanlah aku
apa kabarnya pujaan hatiku
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya
suara dengarkanlah aku
apakah aku slalu dihatinya
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya
kalau ku masih tetap disini
ku lewati semua yang terjadi
aku menunggumu, aku menunggu
suara dengarkanlah aku
apa kabarnya pujaan hatiku
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya
suara dengarkanlah aku
apakah aku ada dihatinya
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya
repeat reff
suara dengarkanlah aku

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


when i say it, it means i mean it!

i'm depressed :[

homeworks are so many to be done!
it has been a long time i dont get homework this much!

tdi pulak balek lmbt cuz my mom thought i want to go home late as usual!
ughh, i told her okayy!~
after that, get scolded cuz being too garang to my bro.
he was talking with me toneless while i yelled him.
cheh, i told him my rule!

HUH, marahhhh.

next, depressed. cuz of my own fault.
heh. my exam result. chaitt. terok gila. malu gila.
tertekan gila dan rasa tak layak gila.....~

ugh. sekarang, all these things bersimpul dalam kepala.
i cant manage things very well :(
i need to clear all these stuff from my head.
so that, i can have my days after this.

i've made up my mind, i will forget one thing that exsts in my mind non-stop.
good thing kan.
heh. tht's all.

opss, smile always :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fly to the place it hurts the worst

How to end this chaos in my head?
What was it that the wise man said?
"Attack it from the heart."
where do I start?
"Start in the place its the worst"
you expect me to dive in head first?
"Trust is a powerful tool"
I dont trust. Life has made me cruel.
"God believes in you"
No one hates God like I do.
"You can do it. I know you can."
Go in blind? What a plan...
"Look, I know you hurt but it'll be ok"
That's what you say everyday!
How would you even know? Why would you care?
Trust you? I wouldn't dare!
You don't know the thoughts racing in my mind!
I would've found help if there was any to find!
Now you expect me go to the heart of my pain.
Something I doubt I can do and come out still sane.

not mine. took from quizilla.
:) tht's all.

What type of weather are you?

How do you view life?

-It has its ups and downs, but overall, it's ok.

How do you deal with stress?

-Hold it in. Never show others how pained I really am.

How do you feel most of the time?

-Happy, I'm doing good.

What are some of your interests?

-I like to be doing things by myself.

How much time do you take for yourself?

-Some, but I also spend a lot of time caring for others.

At a party, where are you most likely to be found.

-Chatting with my friends.

What type of person are you?

-I'm bubbly and warm.

In class, which student are you?

-The one who does ok, but doesn't perform up to their best ability.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?


How do you see other people in general?

-There's a great mix of people. Some good, and some bad.



Your personal weather forecast shows some snow. You are a graceful and elegant person, and also kind. You have a quiet strength, and bring joy and happiness to many. While you see the world for what it is, you tend to be optimistic. Just as snowflakes that fall stick to the ground, what you do makes a difference, and the effects of your kindness will make them impossible not to notice. Keep up the good work. You seem to be the kind of person that everyone respects, and deep down wishes they could be more like even if they won't admit it. So keep letting the snow come down. I have a feeling that it's going to be a beautiful day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

How social are you?

You are walking down the halls of your school. Some random person whos like 3 years older than you hugs you out of nowhere. What do you do?

-You shrug him off roughly and say "Hey leave me alone!"

What do you like to do in your free time?

-You go straight home and get on the laptop.

You are in the middle of a very embarrassing situation- somebody you know comes up and reconizes you! What do you do now?

-You smile a fake smile and turn red. Oh, is that your arch-nemeses over there watching, trying not to laugh out loud?

You just lost a bet and now you have to go jump in a lake naked. You---

-You are sitting at your desk wondering who on Earth would agree to do a bet with that kind of ending?

You are playing the wii when the strap becomes loose in the middle of a super-swing. The wii remote flies out of your hand and hits Mom's favorite vase. You watch as the vase shatters. What do you do now?

-You stare wide-eyed at the shards of glass that used to be the beautifully colored vase. MOMS GONNA KILL ME!

The bell rings and you walk out into the daily Cattle Drive. In the ocean of people, you stumble and everything falls all over the place. WHAT are you thinking?

-Oh great, this is just PERFECT!


Lone Wolf

You totally love your personal space, and you prefer to have your alone time set to overdrive. You sometimes feel a bit lonely; but you get used to it. You should get some more friends, and open up a bit. Your so tense all the time and nobody likes to be around you. Open up, become the person you truly are! :)

How emotional are you?

Your friends describe you as...


Your fave colours?

-Anything dark

If there was an accident down the street, you wouldn't want it to be........

-Anyone I know

You start crying when...............

-Somthing bad happens to my friend
-Something bad happens to my family
-Even when something very good happens

Have you ever cried when you heard a song?

-Maybe i will if I ever hear that song

At your break ups have you cried?

-Never started dating

Will you rate this quiz a 5 or 4?



Aww.. your emotional

Your completely emotional!!! You cry for small things. You can control yourself but you donno how to. Try letting down those tears would you or you'll get into huge trouble! Some day.........

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

does your crush secretly like you back?

tell me about your crush. what type of guy is he?

-nerdy/smarty pants

when you talk to him do you choke up or do the words flow like you have known him forever?

-we are friends and always have been, we always have something to say even though i do like him

when you catch his gaze what happens?

-we stare into each others eyes for a few secs and then smile and turn away

when your at parties of bar/bat mitzvahs, do you dance together?

-never that would be to awkward

how does he make you feel? ( i ask u this because he has to be making you feel this way for a reason)

-like i can be myself with him

does he ever flirt with you?


RESULT [berdebar-debar]

yes he does like you! you should put your best moves on him and make him want you more.

he likes you for sure but you need to tell him u know and you want him too.

How do you deal under pressure?

You have to get up and do a speech in front of the class. The person right before you is almost done with theirs. How are you feeling?

- Jittery and nervous but you put a lot of effort into your speech and you want to show the class your good work.

You're out walking your dog. Right in front of your neighbour watering their lawn it decides to do its messy business... How do you react?

-Apologise to them, clean it up and then go on your merry way. What else can you do?

You're about to go into a job interview. You know they're looking for people with more experience than you but you really want this job. What do you say when they ask you about your past experience?

-Calmly say that while you haven't had as much experience as others you're a fast learner and a hard worker.

You and your boyfriend have broken up but are still good friends. A few weeks later he invites you to his birthday party to meet his new girlfriend. A source says she can be a real cow. How do you feel about meeting her?

-Go. Politely say hello to her, ignore her snide comments and get on with having fun with your friends.

What do you want to be when you leave school?

-A doctor or counsellor. You have to speak to people but it's generally on a one to one basis.

Favourite TV shows?

-Reality TV, you love how people scheme and plot behind each others' backs.

In public you wear clothes that:

-You wear whatever the heck you want!

Even when under pressure you're generally able to think things through and handle them with poise. You don't betray your rare moments of panic and usually can talk your way out of any sticky situation. You don't rush yourself and take the time to consider how you will handle something before you react.

my own comment: emm, mcm betoi jugakk la. sbb mnda yg aku jwb suma betoi. tade kaver2 apaa. suma true.haha. soo, mnda agak btoii la. tp kdg2 uhh aku jnis yg nervous gak laa. org kata paa uh, gelabah bewak. wutsoeve. tis is me:) tq.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Cupcake Are You?

You can often be found...

-Being silly with friends or hanging with them

*dreaded quesstion!!!** what is your fav color?

-Darker colors like brown, black, dark blue or dark purple.

What colors DESRIBE you **not what you like***

-black- dark and fighting

Have you made someone cry?


Do you consider yourself mean?


Which of these places would you go for a vacation?

-Somewhere where I can be with my friends.


You are tough, but also you have a sweet topping. You might come across as tough, but with your friends and family, and basically people you feel safe with, your sweet side comes out! Try being the sweet you around a lot of people, you'll gain many new friends!

hobi aku: amek kuiz: post blog. sbb aku tatau nk tuleh pa dh kt blog.haha

What kind of guys do you fall for[ni tjuk kuiz]

whats your favorite color


what is one word to discribe you


what do u like doing in ur spare time

-on the computer

whats ur fav food


you find the best in everyone even the person who thinks they're nothing

komen aku pasal kuiz ni.
suka2 jee dia muhong.haha. aku pya feveret kaler+ aku pya feveret food apa kaitan ngn guys yg aku fall for? haha:DD

Ohh la la.haha;D

Hello evryone. Cheh, [mcm rmai sgt je bca blog aku:P] err. Okayy, post ini sbnrnya, credit to ticer Shafeeqah. Hehek. Sbb sudi mengheret aku n ned g men bowling. Mmg super fun jgk laa en, even memula tuu diam jaa. Sengih2 jaa suma. Tatauu nk ckp pa. Lps mkn, smyg, bru g bowling. Sebek ada gak lane ksong.haha;D
Fez game, aku mendahului diikuti ned then tcer.haha. 2nd gme tuu brulaa ned mendahului, diikuti tcer, pstu bru aku.hahak:DD tuulahh akibatnyaa riak:P mmg best laa. Sbb kami tiga dok story mory sembang2 gosip2 sgala bagai.haha. malehhh lerrr en. Tp yg aku geram gila bangang nya, time turn aku, tiba2 ada satu geng mamat poyo+hudohh mana tahh maii dok sblh meja kmi. Then depa ckp, “haaa, ni FAR ni hebatt ni.”  depa tauu nama aku sbb dkt skrin tuu la. Cam mangaii lgi.Siot sial gila hareee! Mmg mengamok hakuu. Dok wat baguihh pa tah.msa tu tnsen psl mnda len sat,mmg nak nangeh. Haha. Mmg gerammmmmm gila meluatt sangatt siallll! Haihh. Tak psl jaa aku maki depa kt post ni. Hiii! Cam b***. Sorry laa naa. Sebek ada ticer ngn ned, klu aku sorang2, gamaknyee nangehh jugakk aku tengah2 alam tu:P
Hahak. Soo, konklusinya,,erkk? Dh msuk konklusi? Hahak. Mmg best laa. Tp siket sgt org. Soo, tak hyper fun laa:)
Tht’s all. Aku agk sibokk sbnrnya ni.hhu.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

hari ini.

Annyeong,harinii. Leteh kott. Spend byk masa kt skola jep.hhu. nta laa.
Ade kursus ketrampilan bertutur. Emm, bulee la. Best gak. Cuma aktiviti lama, so ta brp larat nk tggu lee.heheks:P balek uhh, kmi g blatih table-tennis kt aspura. Huh, suka hati jgk je masuk. Tp mmalukan laa ciksitifar. Huh! Hahak:D kalh terok dgn mel. Alaa, bknyya apa, sja kasi chance tuu:P haha. Tade ehh, jokin je k. Astu balek laa en, tym alek uh, aq ngn trah singgah jap kdai dpn kailan. Trah bli bat bru. Hhu^^ butterfly~ malehh lerr en:P emm, then kmi terrtinggal bas!!! Hahak. Balek lmbt doe. Dkt 1jam gakk arr tggu bus second uhh mai alek...wuaaa;[ haha. Tp ta kesa un, klu alek umah bkn leh wpa un:P hhu. Tah, tulahh story of the day kot. Sbb dh lma tak bercerita:)