Monday, July 16, 2012

Ours are blooming :)

When other friendships have been forgot, ours will still be hot. :) 
-Mickey Mouse

This is the best quote to describe the friendship between my childhood friends (from primary school) until now :)

Actually I don’t really have any idea what to write though the two of ‘em, Ieqah and Bella ( Ieqah esp -.-) asked me to write about ‘em in my blog……………..and since I promised ‘em. Here it is :)

Well these days I rarely update my blog, so this entry is just another entry that you may find it boring but yeah Im actually trying to write an awesome one. ( see? I always act like I got thousand of readers…. )

Recently, at 11th of July, it was my birthdayyy. But these girls, I wonder why did they were the ones who wished me the latest!

Tweeting – and online at the same time, not wishing me for mah birthday is pretty mean -.-

But yeah they do know. They just acted like they didn’t. Only at the end of the day, a text from Bella and an unmention tweet from Ieqah came. It was their birthday wishes for me. Well yeah, SUPER THANKYOU ;)

I’m pretty sad since there’s one of us – Tyha is sometimes MIA. Perhaps because she just entered her college, and she’s busy :) Husnuszhon is the best way to soften our heart and keep the ukhuwah longer!

About that, I wish all of us can achieve our dreams and ambition in future :) I don’t care which place we’re studying, (since we’re separated once we entered high school) as long as we have the intention to study, to do and achieve our best, in shaa Allah we’ll be the ones we have always been dreaming to be :) Let’s score the best result! Listed in Dean’s List – 4 flat kalau boleh! Haha (yg cakap niiii pun alahaiiii. However, in shaa Allah! )

AFIQAH ADZIM (UiTM Merbok in Business Admin Course) – May you become the awesomest businesswoman. :D

NABILAH ZULKIFLI (CFS IIUM Gombak in Economy and Science Management ) – May you become the awesomest accountant. :D

FATIHA ZAHARI ( im not pretty sure which college :p but in Accounting Course if Im not mistaken :p) – May you become the awesomest accountant too :)

And meeee, FARZANA ROSLEY – now in UiTM for Foundation in TESL – May I become the awesomest lecturer ;D

Well I wonder why do I end my entry liddat -..- But yeah, I seriously do pray for you girls :) Not forgotten, I do pray for my high school awesome BFFS too ;)
I love you girls. Please stay beside me forever – whenever -- till jannah in shaa Allah :’) Aminnn.

Lots of love,


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet 18 Wishes! :)

First of all, assalamualaikum wbt ;)
Thank you everyone for your wishes. May Allah bless all of you
Thanks to my friends here in Kuantan for the celeb ;) 
Well yeah, here’s the birthday girl’s  wishes.
-          I wanna be a better Muslimah at every single moment Im living ;)
-          I wanna score the best result, chosen for Medsi interview -> further my degree in UIA! Aminnnn :D
-          I want to perform Umrah again! :) I miss Tanah Suci veghyyy muchhhh! :’)
-          I want to travel around the world at this young age -> In shaa Allah I’ll visit my friends yg belajar kat oversea tuuu! Hihi aminnnn :)
-          May the bond between my family and relatives get stronger each day :)
-          May my ukhuwah w/ friends ( BFFs and AWESOMEBFFs) last till jannah!
-          May I can be a good person -> get redha Allah -> masuk syurgaaa ! aminnn! :)

And last but not least *serious mode*

-          May my future spouse (whom I don’t know and I don’t wanna know yet..) is doing well, trying to be a good person (as how Im trying to), and live well till we meet, get married and have a happy family :)

This isn’t another puppy love dream. It’s a wish of a young-adult girl. Grown up, but still looking for my identity. This is just another wish of mine – to have a good future, in shaa Allah! :)   

Most of all, Thank you Allah to let me have this moment. 18 years and still counting. The Only One that will always be there for me. Allahu rabbi :)

A post that is not planned. So, macam ni lah jadinya :)

Thank you everyone! :) Family + Friends. Great day alhamdulillah! :)

And yeah, Happy 2ndRunnerversary Running Man! :D I love youuuuu 

That's it.

Lots of love, 
Farzana Rosley.
Fareyfar ;P

Ex-birthday girl :)