Friday, August 24, 2012

Dakwah itu sweet ;)

Well the picture I shown is a small letter. From a friend of mine ; Ummul Hadhirah :) I used to call her ‘mom’. I didn’t really remember the way we started calling each other w/ that kind of call. But yeah, it was fun.

Ummul is a fun – easy-going friend. However, she’s someone  that is perfectly covered. *her aurat I mean :p While my friends and I, weren’t really full-covered. But yeah of course we tried, slowly. :)

My friends and I were extremely ‘gang-ly gangster’ I guess. *I don’t even know if that term exists. But yeah. We were hard to approach. Dakwah is a big task for someone towards us. How on earth should they handle us? So, some just kept distance from us.

Different with Ummul ( whom I called ‘bonda’-mom, while the other girls called her ‘tok’). She approached us coolly. With the letter above that I had shown you. Together with the letter, she gave us 9 pairs of socks (from SAWKS world OK?! I don’t think they’re that cheap.)

She said, *translated to English. “ I heard that my beautiful daughter and granddaughters are going to KL at the end of this year? I hope that all of you will wear these socks I gave you. Since you girls are all beautiful. I don’t want your beauty are simply shown to all guys. Let the beauty remains in Allah’s eyes too :) take care girls! “

THAT! Is the sweetest letter I have ever gotten in my whole life. You know what’s the beauty of dakwah when you got it? Well it’s not that I taknak pakai socks before. The moment I got it I’ve already started to wear socks. *since it was in 2011 that I got the letter. The year after 2010 – I started to be better because my friends and seniors introduced me to Ustazah Fatimah Syarha’s novels :)

What I want to zoom here is (haha sesuka je guna perkataan zoom!) dakwah tu benda yang sweet! Don’t be harsh towards the ones who you wanted to help – to share your knowledge with. And Ummul, she did a great job :)

To put it laconically, we have to share the sweetness of dakwah! Be good to people we want to help – as DAKWAH IS SWEET :)

Thankyou bonda, Ummul! :)

Fartvxqhlovate <3