Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A post before final.

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

Been so quiet all these while. Well actually I quiet on my blog je. Hahaha malas nak update -.- Final is coming in less than five days. And what am I doing? Blogging instead of studying? Takdak ah. Im rewarding myself. 

Sebenarnya before this I tried for timessss to open my blog. I can open my dashboard tapi pelik tak boleh bukak entry post. Bila dah nak dekat final ni boleh pulok >.< Perangai betui blog ni. Hahaha

Being a TESLian is sth that I yearned for. I guess. Bila Im here, I feel so great. having great and open-minded friends around me, I feel blessed. 

When final is approaching, there's one thing I feel sad of. A bit. Towards my fellow classmates. I love 'em so much. I enjoy it every second Im with em when Im in my class. But yeah, that side of me when Im in the class, they see it differently. Even I wonder whyyy. Hahaha. 

I just feel a bit disappointed. With my own self. Why do I never tried to be the same old me as how I was back during my school days. I wasnt that great but yeah I do admit that I was pretty bright. Well dont get misunderstood. That bright side that I mean is being so cheerful - get known by almost everyone in the school but still, being ME :)

However, here. I didnt get the chance. Of course, I have no one to blame. But yeahhh. It's me. Im not being fake of course. But just a little less of that positive cheerful side of me. I never get the chance to show that to my fellow classmates.

Therefore, I dont know why I end up writing this. But yeah, I love you people of TESL D :')
You guys are so sweet. I feel great. We're siblings. A family I guess. With existance of Papa Hakim and Mama Batmann? Lulz :)

I like it that way. I wish to be in the same class with most of us again. 

my fellow-beloved-awesome-cool CLASSMATES ever! :*

That's it. Hahaha. All the best TESLians of UiTM Kuantan! ILY peeps :D Especially TESL D :*
And yeah, dear Lawriens too.



Monday, September 3, 2012

...Peredah Awan Biru

Assalamualaikum and a very annyeonghaseyo to my friends and readers :)

The title is jiwang kata Nana. But yeah, I wanted to make it that way. Biar lah jiwang pun. Haha. Once in a lifetime? :p

Firstly, I want to say that this post is specially dedicated to my friends who're gonna fly to bumi para anbiya'. Since diorang nak terbang ke Mesir and Jordan, I have nothing to give but a piece of love in this post.
*cheesy kata Min. Hahaha :p

Yes. I have no idea at all. It's midnight. Just done with my college writing assignment. Padahal esok pagi ada Malaysian Studies. *ok lari tajuk!

Le friends who'll fly to Jordan too. InshaAllah esok :') :* 

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. To my dear bffs who're going to fly,
I wish all the best to all of you. :) 

Dear Malin, Syaza, Zuk, Peah and Iejat.
Belajar kerana Allah. And memandangkan hampa nak fly ke Jordan and Mesir, inshaaAllah takda la culture shock in extreme kot. Perhaps berubah to better so that all of you can bring us there too :)
May Allah bless all of you. What ever happens, must remember you have your family and surely, Me - and US, your friends behind you :) Especially, you must have noticed that Allah is always there for us right.
May we all succeed inshaAllah. 
Be it in the country or oversea.

this is me and Safiah ♥ she'll fly to Jordan InshaAllah.

So that ends my speech? Hihi
Yeah Im very sorry that I prepared nothing to give so that hampa boleh la nak bawak pi sana nanti. Sorry sesangat T__T

Me - Iejat and Ash. (iejat nk fly so he came to my house for a  visit  this eid :') 

However, yes. I do. Love you girls. and a guy(iejat)
*title dah awesome dah sweetnya. post tak sweet langsung. Sorry. :(

But here. A song that I dont want you to forget. The lyrics especially :')

Seiring Sehaluan by UNIC :')

Kita laungkan Allahuakhbar Allah Maha Besar,

Seiring sehaluan satu cita dan impian,

Susah dan senang kita tempuhi bersama,
Bertemu berpisah kerana Allah.

Demi satu kejayaan,penuh pengorbanan,
Keazaman juga ketabahan,
Inilah kehidupan, menuntut kesungguhan,
Tak semudah indahnya khayalan.

Silaturrahim ini tak akan terpisah,
Berbahagia untuk selamanya insyaAllah.

Lots of love,