Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being old is the last thing to do.

Hi everyone. 
Wow. As if there's someone reading. Hah.

So IDK what to write actually. It's just that Im trying to adapt myself to blogging again, so yeah. Im trying my best. By updating random stuff. Like right now, randomly typing. As if I don't have other things to do, like sleeping perhaps? Cause tomorrow there's a class. 

Hm. Well I sure have nothing to write tho I usually will always know what to say. 
But ever since I have entered USM, I realised how everything has changed. How degree life could actually turn your life upside down. When sometimes you feel you're at the peak already, then realising that you're actually another piece of land on earth that is trying to adapt with everything?

Hah! See. That's what I meant by randomly typing. I dont even know what I wrote. But yeah. Im tired. I sound sooooooooo like a final year student But hell no. I just entered this so-called APEX Uni last september, and rn, I looked like a 40s entering college and trying to adapt myself with other kids' pace in doing everything they could. NO -_-

That would be the last thing to do. Be old. Naaaa. Im fine being young. And I wish this age would help supply more energy cause there're still a lot to be done. And I wanna make sure I can value every single second of it.

So I guess that's how I end my writing these days. Hahah. Will try my best to get my old vibes of blogging again. I miss my old days. Heeeeeeeeeeee.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

The little things.

It's good to realize that when it has been a while posting here, I feel like writing again. And when I do, people have started making their ways to other webs or social networks, making me feel free to write what ever things I feel like doing. Here.

When you are being nice to me, I sometimes wonder is there anything behind it? *well Im a normal girl hahah. But then I realize, that hm. You're just so nice.

You don't need to do anything to make me feel very pleased with you, but those little things you do are totally taking me over.

Im happy. I sound so psycho-kinda-girl-who's-obsessed-with-someone but hell no. I just like it.

And I feel pretty weird that I'm writing this on my blog altho I know there's no one to read. Hahah.

I just miss writing here. And the little things you do to me is another part of the reason to write again.

No special feelings. Just feel like writing. And you're my inspiration. I don't love you, but I have a huge respect to you.

Happily writing again,