Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Submission week.

It's the worst when a semester comes to an end. Not because we'll miss studying, or because we're sooooo stressed out of the exams that are coming. It's only because we have a lot, and by a lot it means almost every subject's assignment submission.

Last week was the hell week for most of us (TESOLians especially). When we have Multimedia as our Minor, you know it only means sleepless nights.

Not that all of us did our job at the very last minute you know (although in my case, Yes I did). Because my friends, finished editing the videos the earliest, ended up stuck at the very last minute because our e-Learning website progress slower than snails. We had tonnes of files to be uploaded for God's sake! (I'll have to agree w/ our creative writing lecturer that it is indeed, Universiti Sangat Mundur -.-)

So yeah. What's there to write when it's all over now? We managed to submit it anyway because our lecturer (who has always shown his beastly-sarcastic side) turned out to be one of the nicest person on earth! *Trust me you would get a veeeeeeeeeeery different answer if you had asked us last semester. Well, we were glad and enjoyed ourselves when our videos were presented. 

It was hard, I tell ya. It really was. A lot of us broke down and even questioned our lives why were we asked to pick it as our Minor?! WHYYYY?! 

Skills. I guess that's why. I'm telling ya, I feel like a whole new person after I learn those skills and if you ask me right now, I could say that I am able to produce a movie! (a short one, maybe). Hahaha.

The process was all tiresome. Most of us turned to monsters. You do NOT wanna fool around us last week, because whatever you said, it wouldn't be funny when my eyes need to focus on the screen and my fingers need to stay clicking, editing and pressing any buttons I could, in order to give our best shot.

AGAIN! Why do I write?! (I keep going off track hahaha). 

It's because it's all over now. :) 

So to anyone out there, who's having a really hard time doing whatever things right now, don't worry because it will soon be over. (For as long as the thing you're doing is worth it for your future, I assure you, inshaAllah, there's gain afterwards.)

Here's a quote I would like to share. From one of my favourite Youtubers, Travis Bryant :) <-- check out his Youtube account because he is super nice and cool :D

"Perfer et obdura dolor hic tibi proterit olim."

The meaning is more or less, as stated in the picture below.

I guess that's all from me :)

Thanks for reading. I hope I'll write more in 2016. InshaAllah.

Farzana Rosley.