Thursday, February 18, 2016

First week

Some of you might be wondering, which first week? Dah tengah February of 2016 pun hahaha.

It's my first week of my 3rd year, 2nd semester (6th semester) alhamdulillah. And assalamualaikum/hello to anyone who's reading this :D

So first week seems fine. We got pretty nervous sebab all the subjects for this semester macam membunuh. Haha. But that's learning ey? It gets tougher as we get deeper into it. It would be a challenge, really. Tapi, try hard lah kan. Hahaha.

Okay. This semester memang I have resolutions just like any other semester. And I'm trying my best to keep up with it so I could achieve all I want inshaAllah. With all the things going on, plus masalah negara, I need to study and work harder.

^ This is what happen when I dont plan what to write hahaha.

I actually wanna share about my 15 days trip and experience in South Korea tapi there's too many to share. Im afraid I dont have the commitment to do so sobs. Hahaha. Even my Umrah trip previously I didnt share much. >.< I will inshaAllah. Whenever I have the time so yeah.


*maybe I should put blog update as my weekly thing? Idk. Also, I keep thinking about Vlogging but Im so insecure lol. Takpelah. That, I will think also. So, thanks for reading!

Farzana Rosley.