Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gummy Because Of You Lyrics Translation

Gummy Because Of You Lyrics Translation

we are sad because we broke up
i have no idea how to spend time
Oh going, going, oh not again
Oh don't do it again, don't do it again
If i have to forget about that
I can't see the end of our wait
After you are gone

Because of you
it is the reason of me crying
Because of you
go away the reason for me crying
You're you you
Because of you
it is the reason why my heart aches
Because of you
i'm going to do it again today too
Cry cry cry
Because of you

It would be fine and okay
but i won't fool myself anymore
Everyday, I lied to myself
after you are gone

*repeat Chorus

I was going to blame you and remove you
But that is not easy because i tell myself I love you
Everything that you and I did
I remember all of our memories

Because of you
is the reason of my burning love
go away the reason of me burning with love
You're you you
Because Of you
is the reason i can't forget
i will do it again tomorrow because of you
Cry cry cry

Because of you....

p/s : i find anywhere but i can't found the translation. so, this is it. i re-write from a video from YouTube that I watched. 

*if you want to copy, please give credit and link to me and the video maker. it's tiring to re-type okay! :) thanks.

cre : Youtube - Gummy [ Because Of You]

it's a very nice song anyway.

with love,