Wednesday, September 23, 2015

...of judging and being judged

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone.

After scrolling a lot of shared posts on Facebook, I came across a video made by a Youtuber about people and their judgements.

The content of the video about our world today is so real; it got me into tears by the end of it. I'm not saying that I'm all nice or I've never judged people for the past 21 years I'm living. All I'm saying is that, how come some of us could simply say words without noticing the other person's feelings?

How come that when we hate a certain figure, we plainly go all saint and comment on their Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or all other social sites harshly? Who gave us the green light to simply do all of those things to them as if they have no feelings at all?

I'm not trying to preach but this matter is happening today and basically, the common act where we should be nice to people isn't common anymore. 

In Malaysia especially, a lot of these 'keyboard warriors' are really proud whenever they post something to embarrass people and include 'make this VIRAL!' as the title. Some of them aren't even true, and you just go spreading rumors not knowing if the source is reliable enough.

Okay. Back to the video, click >>HERE<< it is if you feel like watching it. The title of the video is --> YOU LOOK DISGUSTING . Made by the Youtuber with the Youtube account named My Pale Skin.

You can also watch it here. 

The lady in the video made a social experiment and yes, all the comments said to her are real! They're not made up!

Now. I am so pissed off with how society treats each other. We are human-beings. We love things nice. We like things pretty. We adore things perfect. Admit it.

When someone goes out of their house, with no make up, looking all hideous with some scars or acnes on their faces, showing their original looks, some of us would go; how come she doesn't take care of herself?; how could she carelessly go out of the house like that?

However, when she put all the make up and cover all the flaws on her face, you'd go; OH! You shouldn't! Be proud of yourself~ ; You're so fake. 

What do you really want HUMAN? Why don't you go drown yourselves or you should just don't give a d*mn with what people want to do with their looks? 


Honestly (for someone who've been applying some make-ups), we don't wear it because we care how you see us. Personally, I wear em because it made me feel good. It made me feel pretty. There're also some days when I don't apply any and it doesn't mean because I don't care about how I look at all. It just happened to be one of the days where I want my skin to breathe or I don't feel like putting any, just because!

The point here is, we should just let people do what they want.

We are all human-beings. We can't run from having the first bad impression of someone. However, it's what we think afterwards would define who we are. Whether we want to keep judging a person based on their looks or we would want to correct ourselves and just think nicely of that person.

Okay. I guess that's it for my mixed-emotions post of the day.  

And here's something I wanna 'belanja' you all with.

It's me! With make-ups on. I feel confident. And happy.
To quote one of my favourite figure, Ellen DeGeneres; "Be kind to one another."

Spread kindness, love and positivity. (although I'm not really sure that I'm positive enough in this post >.<)

Thanks for reading!


Farzana Rosley.

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