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Book Review #2: Hidden by Marianne Curley

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello there!

So today I just finished reading the book Hidden by Marianne Curley.

It's a breathtaking book, where I couldn't stop but I had to because of some other things to be done. However, Im gonna write a review today!

My first review was ok for me but considering the fact that I have learnt Basic Literature, I would improve my review posts from time to time okay? :) Therefore, I would be glad if there's anyone who would to share with me tips and ways of writing a good one. 

As for me, I'll keep writing from my point of view - basically what I felt throughout the reading so I would give you the feeling of excitement to read the book yourself! :D

Book Review #2: Hidden by Marianne Curley 

Hidden is a beautifully-written novel about angels that come from Avena. The way the author explained the characters and places actually helped me a lot in imagining the places beautifully, making it a good book to be read. You dont want to go buy a book that is simply written right?

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First I would go with the P-O-V.

Ahah, here comes the Literature thingy but I would write it in a simple way; which would tell that literature is pretty :) 

The author writes the story from two people's Point Of View.
1. The main character - Ebony Hawkins.
2. Jordan Blake.

These two characters are very important as portrayed by the author. 

If it wasn't for Jordan's meeting with Ebony, a spark of light would never occur and Nathaneal and the Dark King would not start doing their finding of this "Hidden" person.

Just like Ebony and Jordan, Nathaneal and Dark King are both important in these story. The journey would never be there if it was not for their existence.

Next, Im gonna go with the storyline. It was all mysterious but pretty and beautiful at the same time when the main character, Ebony described her life. 

The life she was living was quite perfect, except that her parents were overprotective. Little did she know that there was a story behind it and the fact that she was not her parents' real daughter but rather adopted.

And before she could hear the whole truth about herself, her parents went missing in a fire that had happened at their house. Not they're dead, but MISSING!

That's when the whole confusion and journey started. Ebony needs to find the truth while searching for her missing parents since their bodies weren't found at the place of incident. A few changes happened to her body, which not only make her need to find who is she, but also WHAT is she?

Here comes the part of my opinion :)

The person who suggested this book was my friend, Shamin. And I never thought it would be a sequel novel. However, the fact that it is a sequel did not make me feel sad at all but rather liking it. I want to know more, learn more about these angels and understand their world.

Reading Hidden brought me to another world just like how I used to read Harry Potter where wizard world was where I entered. Not saying Hidden is comparable to Harry Potter, it's just that this book comes from its own world, nicely written by Marianne Curley so that we could learn from the Avena and the Angels within this world.

Therefore, as I told you before, Im never gonna rate a book for their own beauty. But I believe this book worth a read and I did not waste the splendid of time I spent to read it.

I just need to get my hands on Broken! (the sequel I mean). Have fun reading! :)

Farzana Rosley.

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