Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book Review #3: East of The Sun by Julia Gregson

Hallu everyone!

My first post of 2015 would be another review. Prolly because it's been awhile since I update my blog and also read a novel!

Im kinda pissed of with myself for not doing em but well, I guess I kinda filled up my days with other social sites so yeap, that would be the excuse.

The book was bought by my friend when she went to the super-sale Big Bad Wolf in Malaysia, somewhere in Shah Alam? Was it? Well I dont care how it was bought. Funny thing about a book is that, we shouldnt judge it from its cover right?

Well I do believe in that quote but with books, I tend to look for simple covers. LIKE plain ones with words only. Idk why. It's just that Im more attracted to them. So, BELIEVE me, if my friend Saff didnt buy it for me (cause she's pretty artistic and she sees book covers differently as how I do), I might not read it and write a review today!

Taken from google. My phone is charging. Cant take the photo of the book rn. But this is exactly the cover of the book. 

Now, let's move on to the review :) 

Lemme make things clear with the books I read. I love books that bring me to another place. I dont care whether these places are real or fictional for as long as they're somewhere that Ive never been to before.

With East of The Sun, Julia Gregson made me experience the life of people who sail on big ships (like Titanic yknowwww), and she brought me to India!

I love all the characters and to make sure that I won't give you the spoilers, Im only gonna share a lil about the characters :3

Viva Holloway : the main lady. the first few pages made me kinda fear her character. she was a fraud. well, sorta~ but you gotta read to know more. ;3

Rose : oh she's sooooo fragile. seriously naive. but as the story goes on, I really love seeing her character develops.

Victoria : one hell of a girl. kinda laid back but desperate in a way. she developed nicely as much as Rose did too! (did I tell you guys that Rose & Victoria are cousins?)

Glover : oh this boy. I love his character. Really. because at first I like him, and even till the end, I do. I just think that he's such a pitiful young boy :(

This story is about how Viva lied how she knew India so that she got paid to become Rose and Voctoria's chaperone along their trip to India. Rose is getting married to an Englishman who stays in India, while Victoria is her bridesmaid. 

In their journey, they learned about each other a lot. They met guys. They were in India. They met new people. They (and I) learned the culture, A LOT.

And you'll have to read it to experience what I went through. It's a good catch. It made me feel like going to India like right NOW!

Always a proud reader :)

Thank you Julia Gregson for a great journey. Glad that I was able to experience them (altho in my mind ;) )

Thanks for reading!

Farzana Rosley.

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