Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UiTM TESL Interview. (My Experience)

Assalamualaikummmmm wbt ! :)
Uri marinya! ( It's been a long time.)
Hehe. Bukan lah long time sgt pun. Long time tak tulis pasal diriku :)

I want to narrate about my interview experience. Bukan aku intebiu org, tp org intebiu aku la kan. haha
It was yesterday.
Alhamdulillah. I'm so lucky to get nice panels. Panel aku Panel Four.
Both interviewers are women. So, selesa banyak :)

Memula, ujian bertulis. Yg tu biasa la. Conteng jela apa yg boleh on the answer sheets given kan.

The next was, walk-in interview. Kisahnya bermula setelah namaku dipanggil.....


Maka aku mula mengaturkan langkahku ke bilik intebiu. ( Knon nk amek tesl, atuq ayat bunga kemain. haha)

K. baca la.
Interviewer : Tell us about yourself.  

Far : *start to merapu about myself* I end the speech by saying my occupation : Lecturer.

I : y would u want to be a lecturer instead of being a tcr?

F : Well, just bcause I want to teach big people...(stupid answer. )

I : Big ppl? It's not tht u want to teach big people... U want to teach adults... big people are fat people... (smilingly)

F : haha yeah. that's what I meant.

I : Y do u think u can teach adults? Y not kids n sch studnts?

F : That's bcuz Im afraid I cn lose my temper towards naughty kids. I could easily scold them whenever I want. So, I think I want to teach adults bcuz they're alr matured.

I : Do you really think u can stand adults? Bcuz of their maturity, they cn provoke u. They cn think alr.. What wud u do if they provoke u? Or being rude to u?

F : Well... I'll be........ (hesitates for agk lama -.-') SERIOUS towards them! (actually nk ckp strict, tp ayt tu didnt cross my mind :( )

I : aren't u serious right now?

F : Yes.. I am serious. But i'll be MORE serious. (still tk jumpak ayt yg ssuai..hish )

I : ok.. hw about the current issue? What do u want to talk about the current edu issue?

F : well this morning I just read about the JPA scholarship has been announced. But of course, I'm not qualified for it -.-' And I also read about the ptptn issue. Yknow, tht ppl
want to stop it. ( aku ckp stop? haha abolished kot)

I : YEAHH.. y wud u think it shud b abolished?
F : Bcuz I think the government is able to do it. They shud pay for students. Free edu, yknow?
I : Since u wnt to be a lecturer, hw cn they pay u ur salary since there's no study fee from the studnts?
F : For IPTA, I'm very sure the government has divide the salary for lecturers.
I : that's for IPTA.. hw about IPTS? (smiled broadly)
F : Err then the IPTS studnts need to pay laa. ( kluaq laa...)
The interviewer laughed. *relief*
I : Ok, Farzana, I got no other questions for u.. Do u hve any?
F : *asked ques blh ke tk p oversea*

Then dpa ckp boleh.
Then interviewer tu ckp, kalau aku nk jd lecturer, ak kna ada master (at least)
Aku takde la tulis full. Tapi yg psti, tempoh aku kena tu sat je. Ikut org laa. And tgk masa jugak.

I've did my best. Merapu byk jugak tuu -.-' Bukan sengaja. SUMPAH. Nervous k.
Sekarang, bergantung kepada rezeki.

That's it :)

Harini pergi interview DQ pulak. Alhamdulillah boleh hafal 1 page in 1 hour. Tapi gagap banyak la kan. haha. Hm. Aku beruntung sbnrnya. Dpt surah yg senang lekat. And, Interviewer hari ni pun baik jugak. Tak garang, and they let me to be comfortable first :)

Terharuuu :') Thank you Allah
♥ so much!

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Anonymous said...

hey! what surah do u used? and how was ur test? do u manage to pass the test? how many times do u hve to do the test? and wht kind of test? pls reply asap!