Monday, March 28, 2011

Muslimah = QUEENS :)

OK, start with assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

How are you guys doing? Good? :)
I just feel glad of this.

I mean, one of my friends posted this on his status.
And I felt like, whoa. Nice explanation!
I feel good. And I feel glad to know that I'm a queen. Ehe,
I don't know what to say more.
tengok pic nie ok? :)

kan kan?
betul dia cakap kan?
Nice example the Sheikh made kan?

Thanks YON. Nice one. And yes, honestly aku suka your statusssss sebab most of them usually bagi kesan dekat aku :) Keep it up Iwan or Yon, or whatever ppl call you! :D

Peeps, take note especially muslimah. Weee, proud what to be a queen. 



Syaza Suraini said...

pergh! best gila example! nk share nk share

Lia-Nur :) said...

kak far ; mcmaner letak print capture(btul la kot nama dia yg ni , yg facebook pny komen) tu , x reti la nk bt..