Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baitullah ; An Invitation - Raudhah

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sorry. Promised to write about this dah lama. But yknow, busy. (entah busy apa lah alahai!~)

Okay. Let's start. This is Raudhah. Here goes the pic. (not mine)
*lapangnya Raudhah. (didn't have the chance to experience this situation)

This Raudhah. Salah satu tempat yg paling mustajab berdoa. Salah satu taman dari taman-taman syurga. It was once, the place where our Prophet, (PBUH) Muhammad SAW stayed. It was his home. The way to recognize it, is the carpet they used for Raudhah is green. While other carpets in Masjid Nabawi is red.

Sebelah Raudhah is where Makam Rasulullah SAW, Saidina Abu Bakar and Saidina Umar locates. ( people say ada satu makam yg dibiarkan kosong. and that will be the place for Isa AS in future. IDK about this fact as for women, we got a sort of barrier yknow, we cant even intai2 what's inside. )

This picture I upload is absolutely different from what I've faced. Alahai kepadatan masa tuu. Unforgettable. However, praised to Allah, Alhamdulillah I got the chance to enter it for three times :')

Kenapa I said, 'I got the chance to enter it?' Of course, Bi iznillah. Terlalu ramai, hanya Allah je yang tau. We have to queue and assemble depan Raudhah before the police allow us to enter it.

If only I could snap a picture of how we waited in front of Raudhah, just to enter it, I can show you. But unfortunately, memang I rarely bawak phone masuk masjid. Because, malas nak hide from police2 masjid. And satu lagi, tak guna pun fon tuu. So, malaih bawak.

The beauty of Raudhah, is undescribeable. Even though padat maksima, tunaikanlah paling kurang solat hajat and solat dhuha. Berdoalah disitu. The feeling yknow..... hard to fine.
Everyone was so eager to pray there.

Kepadatan - kesesakan dalam Raudhah ni actually only happens to women. IDK why, maybe sebab perempuan lg ramai, and the time allocated for us to enter Raudhah is very limited, so semua org eagerly and full of spirit nak masuk Raudhah sampai tolak2 semua segala.

This is my experience in Raudhah :) IDK how to share lg.

Next, in shaa Allah.. IDK when, I'll write about :

Baitullah ; An Invitation - Ziarah Madinah.

*till today, I've been writing about Madinah only. Harap maaf. I first went to Madinah, then baru pi Mekah. So memang banyak nak cerita. Just wait for it. Thanks :)


Love, Fartvxqhlovate.

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